Why a new blog?

There are always times when people need to move on with their lives, start a new chapter, begin something new, cherish memories but start on a new lease.
And that is what I had to do.
A wonderful chapter in my life came to an end as I passed out of IIT Kharagpur, and as I begin a new life, with new aspirations, new goals, new aims and ambitions, new directions, I need a new place. The old home can not hold me, contain me, is not suitalbe any more… I need a new place, where I can vent my feelings, give shape to my thoughts, ideate, opine – A space I can call mine own, once again!
And that place has to be different from my old haunt – http://kpowerinfinity.blogspot.com/, because I have captured a part of my life there which I can not live any more. It is a new life – and hence a new place!
This blog will probably be a little different in flavour – I may not be as entertaining, as enjoyable, as candid, as camouflaged as before – It’s a different life and I have chosen to live it a different way, and I hope that it turns out at least half as enjoyable, as beautiful, as wonderous, as picturesque, as social, as informal, as imaginative, as dreamy as before!

About kpowerinfinity
I *♥* technology, business, conversations, experiences, books, music, theater, coffee and people. I am an entrepreneur in the city of Bangalore - my company, Capillary, provides customer engagement programs and marketing services to retailers around the world.

3 Responses to Why a new blog?

  1. Romram says:

    Hey KK da a blog after a long long time… was looking forward to you writing actually…..Keep up the good work…..!!

  2. Bunty Gill says:

    Bhoomi poojan kar le beta naye ghar ka! :)(\’suitable\’ ke spelling bhi sahi kar le – pehli post makh gayi to roz makhaya karoge…)

  3. Siddharth says:

    Good to see you start again.. I was wondering why there was a complete lack of activity on your blog.. keep us updated about your work and life..
    By the way.. a \’different life\’ is understandable.. enlighten us Ohh Lord on the \’living differently\’ part :)
    Cheers !

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