Small things which matter

Both IE and FF are out with their latest versions. While I find both of them very similar in terms of functionality at this point of time, one feature I really miss in IE is the quick find which opens as a small bar at the bottom of the page in FF. Wonder why the IE devs haven’t integrated it!
Small things which make open source agile. IE 7.0 uses Ctrl+E as the keyboard shortcut for its quick search text box. FF 2.0 has now integrated it as a keyboard shortcut, and as a result I can use the same keyboard shortcut in both browsers — IE needs to be as agile! At the same time, I should mention that IE seems to be more stable, my FF 2.0 has already crashed thrice today.
In terms of memory performance, both browsers seem to get bloated very fast, affecting the overall responsiveness of the box especially while running Ajax apps. I hope somebody does a good job of memory management, and soon.

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  1. Romram says:

    The real problem that I face with Firefox now is that many of the extensions haven\’t been ported to support the new version…but then atleast you can add features(extensions) you like in FF but the thing I like is the fact that there a button on the rightmost part which shows all the tabs and the tabs have a minimum size… vaise bhi Web 2.0 ka zamana hain tu kyun na FF 2.0 hi use karen…. :Dvasie have a look at this… its cool

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