The Ultimate Cocktail

   along with old friends. (Have I left out something? :-D)

Can anything be better?
Add Goa to that equation!
And make the trip during new year!

Goa’s own population more than doubles during this time. Hotel rooms are hard to come by, bumpy 14 hour bus rides, traffic crawls are de rigeur, prices take off into the stratosphere, Satyrs permeate every possible corner — but at the end of it, it is worth it!

Some of the notable things for those planning a trip to Goa:

  • Visit all beaches — each of them have a different flavor, Vagator is rocky, Baga is crowded, Calangute is sandy, Sinoquirm has water sports aplenty — and enjoy all of them.
  • Keep water sports for a couple of days before the 31st since that day prices increase manifold.
  • Don’t miss the Banana water ride. You are taken on an elongated boat which is toppled mid-sea. And don’t forget to take life insurance before that :-)
  • Try to stay near the beach so that you can easily freshen yourself, but keep in mind you will also have to pay through you nose at this time.
  • Bikes are a must — at least on one day. Goa is a different experience on a bike!

Goa already has some of the best beaches in India, and add to it the electrifying crowd that descends in the little state, the pervasive party atmosphere, the amazing weather, the adventure of the water sports, the breathless bikes, the momentous moment of the beginning of a new year — and to all these when you add the nostalgia of a life passed, in the company of old friends — it forms a deadly cocktail. It’s poison that liberates you from everyday drudgery. The elixir of jubilance.


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