What’s in a Search?

Funny are the ways of men. And even funnier are the ways of Search Engines (of course written by men).

Go to Google, type “search” in the search query box and hit “I’m feeling lucky”. (Or for simplicity, click here to see results). They certainly have a sense of humour (good or bad depends on the point of view). And since they so insist on it, repeat it on the site that comes up (or click here).

How does Windows Live fare? These guys definitely like to play safe. Just stick to string matching. That’s one way of life, definitely. Yahoo? Obviously these guys still live in the past. And it shows. Search.com obviously had to complete the vicious cycle.

What about the search engines of yore? Altavista — shows why people stopped using it. They are completely off track! Dogpile — they have pretty low self-esteem and for obvious reasons. They rank second!

Our very own home-grown Guruji, the Search Engine by Indians, of Indians and for Indians (heavy words, but then!) gave me a very intelligent “Server Busy … Please try later”. Of course, Indians have always been heavy on their cerebrum, thinking through their ages, not yet through with their thinking yet. Food for thought of course!


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  1. Udit says:

    You moved to wordpress???

  2. Personal blog still at spaces. This is more of a technical blog.

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