V for Vendetta or ?

Ok. Another Day went by. And Saint Valentine didn’t smile.

But lot’s of fun stuff to do. Running all over the building creating puzzles and serenading included. Much more interesting than the mush people do (reproduced below for the convenience of my readers ;-) — A really funny article). And what Google did, which was certainly not as intelligent.

Back to V for Vendetta (2005) for the rest of the year.

The Hindu: Love was certainly in the air

Bangalore: Mush was the dominant flavour in Bangalore on Wednesday when the young crowd went all out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They were seen with their Significant Other soon after the day broke. Walkers and joggers in both Lalbagh and Cubbon Park tactfully averted their eyes, which was tough because every tree, bush, grove and even bench were filled with couples. In fact, as the day progressed, these spots were even shared by two and three couples strapped for space.

Those who couldn’t ensconce themselves in a quiet spot decided to hit the road. Gift shops and coffee shops did brisk business as couples exchanged trinkets and sweet nothings.

As for roses, their prices tripled, and one could not choose the colour.

A single-stemmed rose wrapped in cellophane did not come for less than Rs. 25. Balloons, red please, another youthful favourite, sold for an inflated Rs. 28 apiece.

Mobile service providers made a killing. One glum Romeo was heard complaining that his message took over one and a half hours to reach the other end by which time he had received a frosty phone call.

Some married men actually found themselves buying roses and chocolates for their surprised wives.


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