The Hanging Circuits of IIT Kharagpur

This guy’s a genius!


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4 Responses to The Hanging Circuits of IIT Kharagpur

  1. Sunny says:

    Interior decoration redefined [:D]

  2. CapnCaveman says:

    OMG! I though my place was way too disorganized until I saw THAT rat’s nest! I bet they get ALL the high-quality ladies with that pad!

  3. CapnCaveman says:

    BTW, yes, I realize that the video’s to highlight the hanging entertainment center, but that just looks like a dangerousely unstable web of bungee cord used to free up more floor-space for more clutter! Te each their own, I guess.

  4. Piyush says:

    I feel a different perspective to life after watching this. Thats a wonderful collection.

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