A Humbling Experience

It is a humbling experience to meet people who are really great. And it is easy to differentiate them from the fakers. It is like the traditional rich and the noveau-riche.

The quality that separates them is that the really great don’t talk about themselves but rather listen to what the other has to say, even if (s)he might just be starting his/her baby steps. They try to find value in what somebody achieves, rather than compare them with their own colossal achievements and dismiss them as a fly on the wall. They make an effort to be good listeners — I think that is the real mark of greatness just as true power is in not exercising it.

On the other hand, the impostor is pompous, garrulous about his own little achievements, giving a huge persona to his diminutive stature, not realizing that it is really their smallness that gets reflected every time they try to wax eloquent about their minuscule achievements.

True, greatness lies in humility. I feel privileged to have met Tony Hoare, Butler Lampson and Leslie Lamport.


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