Sibling Rivalry

From the Dilbert Blog:

In the news, a groom in India showed up drunk, so the villagers chased him away and replaced him with his “more sober” little brother. Problem solved.

One theory that this news report did not explore is that this wedding was on a tight budget. You can spend a fortune on the bride’s hair and makeup and gown, or you can buy a few bottles of Grey Goose and get the guests and the groom plastered. Either way, the bride looks great.

This would be especially gratifying if the brothers had a history of sibling rivalry. If you close your eyes, you can almost hear the sounds from the honeymoon suite: “Here’s. . . for. . . beating me in. . . ping pong. . . Here’s . . . for. . . saying I. . . broke. . . the. . . lamp!”


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