Social Interaction should not be curbed in the name of Ragging

I wrote this for Desicritics. Read the article here.

The article was a response to a number of reports I read in the papers about ragging being a big social evil. While that is true, there are some beneficial fallouts as well, which I have tried to write about.

Also posted here (I plan to archive my writings here).


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3 Responses to Social Interaction should not be curbed in the name of Ragging

  1. aksahy uday bhat says:

    well lets analyze what you are saying.
    you make following propositions
    1.ragging can be of two types healthy and unhealthy.
    2.ragging which is unhealthy and can be classified as not behaving as gentle man or gentle lady.
    3.ragging which is healthy consists of behaving gently and getting acquainted with juniors.

    your conclusion is that given current debate and measures implemented to curb ragging according to you the healthy ragging will disappear.

    now fallacy in your conclusion:
    now giving you a just good analogy to your statement:
    “Social Interaction Should Not be Curbed in The Name of Ragging”

    now just compare to.

    ” tradition of giving diwali gifts should not be curbed in name of fight against corruption”

    given any junior he would like to meet his seniors and get acquainted with them also he would like to participate and get involved in festivals in college and assuming gentle senior this is a natural phenomenon.
    any normal student will act in this way and not opposite social interaction is a normal process and need not be artificial.
    as far as hostels are concerned assuming normal junior and gentle senior this is a natural process
    the mind set behind social interaction is far much different than that behind ragging.
    and the curbs implemented don’t stop such natural processes.

    so what you are saying is fallacious and is same as saying that diwali gifts should not be banned for sake of curbing corruption.

    by the way i hope you are not saying that we should start giving tips to government officials such as we do to waiters.

  2. aseem says:

    Mr. akshay uday bhat gives the analogy of stopping diwali gifts to fight against corruption. true so criminalize this act ,complain against your family members if they give you diwali gifts, put them in jails. the article written is wholy correct. healthy ragging or better ‘interaction’ is ertainly required.

  3. Payolve says:

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