Why IIT-Kharagpur is a geek paradise?


It really feels good to read nice things about your alma-mater. It fills you up with pride, the place almost revisits you — the labs, the classrooms, the hostels, roads and intersections — all those small little things that were a part of your life, things you took for granted, until you left the place. Oh, I am getting nostalgic again :)

Anyway, the good news is that IIT Kharagpur has been adjudged the best government engineering college in India, by the OutlookCNN-IBN survey. I don’t lend much credence to such rankings because I personally feel that all the ones in the top-5 are almost neck-to-neck, and establishing a pecking order can not be an objective process. This is clearly illustrated because in the same year, it is ranked 5th by the India-Today ranking.

For a student who is looking at just entering the IITs, the biggest advice I would give is that it is far more important to do well in the IIT you go to rather than worrying too much about which IIT is better. At the end of the day, you will have a gala time and pass out with a world-recognized degree which will provide a platform to build your career further.

However, what really got me to write this post was this video which made me really really nostalgic!


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One Response to Why IIT-Kharagpur is a geek paradise?

  1. Udit Sajjanhar says:

    Ya rightly said, what matters is how much can you make out of your stay at IIT as opposed to entering the “best” one.

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