¿ʞunɹp noʎ ǝɹɐ

Cool site. Helps you invert text – http://www.revfad.com/flip.html

[Thanks to Aashu for the site as well as the title :)]


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I *♥* technology, business, conversations, experiences, books, music, theater, coffee and people. I am an entrepreneur in the city of Bangalore - my company, Capillary, provides customer engagement programs and marketing services to retailers around the world.

3 Responses to ¿ʞunɹp noʎ ǝɹɐ

  1. Gaurav Sahni says:

    I put it first on gtalk. Ask Ashu !!!
    *feels cheated*

  2. Aashu says:

    I must say I was not even the original copycat [:(]

    I flicked it from Ravia…

    Anyways..feels good to see my name up there..[:)]

    Thanks KK

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