Some good adverts

Saw a bunch of advertisements today. One I really like is the MP Tourism ad, “Bharat ka dil dekho“:

And this is how they massacre it:

Some other good ones – The Dove evolution ad:

And its spoof:

The Live Search Ad on MSN Soapbox:
Live Search in Hutch Phone
Live Search in Hutch Phone


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2 Responses to Some good adverts

  1. lol! I never saw those MP tourism adv before but I had great laugh after watching above clips. Thanks for sharing!

    Btw, in general I felt that Indian adv are very creative and have high stastands compared to adv in other countries, as far as I have seen and understood.

  2. @Yusuf: I agree. Indian adverts are usually quite creative and the average standard is much higher. However, the West does manage to produce some really cool ones — like the Honda ad where everything works in clockwork.

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