The Web in 1994

Found this video by Digital Equipment Corporation (Digital, later Altavista … and now I don’t know where) about how this new phenomenon called the Internet is taking over the world.

Ah, Nostalgia!

[From John Battelle]


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2 Responses to The Web in 1994

  1. Don Dodge says:

    Wow! That video brings back memories. I started at Digital in 1987, and was at the DEC research labs when AltaVista was invented in the early 90s. Later I was director of engineering at AltaVista when it spun out of the research labs.

    This video was from 1994…around the time Netscape first came on the scene. Most people didn’t know what the Internet was then, there was no ecommerce, and very few corporate web sites.

    It is hard to believe how far the web has advanced in just 13 years. Thanks for posting that video.

    Don Dodge

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