Nehru and Edwina: What’s going on?

Her daughter claims that the relationship between the two was completely platonic:

I was with them most of the time. We called it a gooseberry. It was very awkward for them, you know, if I was around the whole time. I would say yes, anyway Nehru was a very honourable man who liked my father. There was a great affection between the two. It was nearly always in my father’s houses either in England or in India that they were together, and I think he would have never dishonoured his friends, you know.

How awkward? Having the daughter like kabab mein haddi between two lovers! Well, I am flummoxed. Then, why did he have to write her tons of letters, perhaps so many that she didn’t need a mattress:

In her will we found she had left the whole collection of letters to my father and they were an enormous number — there were suitcases full of these letters. He asked me to read them. He said he was ninety nine percent sure there was nothing that would wound him or worry him or diminish him in any way. But there was just that one per cent of doubt fluttering in his heart…

And then, I get even more confused when I look at this picture:

Nehru the clown with Edwina Mountbatten

Just what was our first Prime Minister trying to do? If he looked at this photograph, would he feel embarrassed, or perhaps start an exposition about how to humour firang ladies. Just look at him there — I feel ashamed!

Oh, coming back to letters — I wonder how many letters Nehru wrote. There were a sackful he wrote to Indira. Dunno how much it helped her during the great darkness. Maybe she used to go back to reading some of those letters at night when she had problems sleeping — they had really proved to be an excellent soporific when I had read them in my childhood.

[I got inspired by this entry in IBN blogs — those blogs look like a good collection!]


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7 Responses to Nehru and Edwina: What’s going on?

  1. prasun says:

    Pictures can come out weird – it’s all just timing. Why should you feel ashamed!

  2. Nova says:

    Wow! U dont really like the guy, do u!?

  3. Larry Platt says:

    Nehru and Edwina had a torrid affair, so he was most likely copping a feel.

  4. J Paul says:

    Who really knows and why do some feel obligated to make grand assumptions w no evidence? – I find the photo charmingly human and disarming, it captures far more than a humorless pose with all the falseness and posture in formality designed to obscure the ugliness of power ambitions

  5. arein says:

    He was stupid and make every india shameful. He lost everthing.

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  7. y shame says:

    i don think its a shame to you n dude no ones lost nething i think every one has a personal life and a professional life so i don think anything is bad in it even if he had an arrair tats outta the nation issue n if he didn’t its his hard luck i shd say

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