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In the midst of a heated discussion with Mohit about The Long Tail (I think Chris Anderson gets unnecessary credit — It really was the monkey-god Hanuman who taught us what a long and potent tail could do, but that’s another story):

I: The Internet is a classic example of the Long Tail. So, is Google because they are able to monetize all those keywords which will never earn a penny if published in a magazine.

M: I wonder who clicks on the Sponsored Ads in Google.

I: I never do. Do you?

M: I don’t either. I can’t count having clicked more than 5-6 times all my life (that includes clicks by mistake). I think it’s all click-fraud.

I: I don’t know. But that would need to be a big scam!

M: But then, somebody has to be dumb enough to click all those ads.

I: I think it’s the Americans.


PS: If you are an American, please replace the word ‘Americans’ by ‘Commies’. Or should I say: s/Americans/Commies/g?

PPS: This is meant completely as a joke, inspired by their President. Most Americans I have met are very smart people, and continue to wow me.

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15 Responses to Sponsored Advertisements

  1. Robin Anil says:

    This is Blasphemy. K for Kapish (The Monkey Character is known for his long tail not hanuman), what say K for KK :))

  2. @robin: As far as I know, Kapish is another name for Hanuman. I claim no expertise in Indian mythology though.

  3. Dips says:

    PPS: This is meant completely as a joke, inspired by their President. Most Americans I have met are very smart people, and continue to wow me.

    So by issuing this disclaimer are you implying Americans are over-sensitive? :P

  4. @dips: Just to make sure that people don’t misconstrue it. Even if I have to be politically incorrect, I should perhaps cover my backside given that lawyers are always on the prowl.

  5. Dips says:

    PS: Keeping this page in a tab in my browser, makes me want to keep on checking why I have an ad open.

  6. @dips: I am advertising myself. Subtly. And. You. Are. Falling. For. It.

  7. Dips says:

    Political correctness is a vicious cycle [nodding head sagely]. People with thopdas like Prem Chopra should not bother. Just insert evil laughter at the end.

  8. Dips says:

    Ah-ha! So you are working on Microsoft’s answer to adwords.

  9. Haas says:

    Maybe its the same group of ppl that use internet explorer :P

  10. @dips: Racism. Was Prem Chopra not a human. When you bite him, does he not bleed?

    @haas: as long as most of the world does it.

  11. Dips says:

    He does. And then he bites back.

  12. @dips: Poor guy. If he tries it on people who abbreviate themselves to Dips, he just ends up with eroded dentures.

  13. Dips says:

    tch, tch, this conversation does not add any value to your blog..

  14. Nova says:

    Lol… tht was hilarious :D

  15. @dips: I agree ;)

    @nova: keep coming back for more :)

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