Poetry in Kernel Documentation

And indeed, it has happened. Poetry has finally infiltrated the bastion of the uber-geek — the Linux Kernel. Rusty Russell, who contributes as lguest, likes to submit patches with verse in their documentation. Wordsworth would definitely approve, though Linus thinks otherwise. Sample these:

There once was a virtualization coder,
Whose patches kept getting older,
Each time upstream would drop,
His documentation would slightly rot…

The ballads were hard to stay/ And Alan Cox jumped into the fray:

There once was a man they called rusty
Who patches were terribly crusty…

Perhaps there should be a programming language written in verse. With the poetic license, semantics would be hard to freeze, wot say?

[Via Linux Today]


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2 Responses to Poetry in Kernel Documentation

  1. Layon says:

    he he …preparing spec for my project now a days….should try something similar ? wat say ?

  2. @Layon: Yes boss. But make sure your manager is not poetically inclined as well :)

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