2 Talks at BCB4

Gave two talks at BarcampBangalore4:

  1. 5W – Widgets, What, Why, Where and hoW: This introduced people to widgets and included a small demo of adding a widget to your site using the Minekey Content Recommendation Widget (login required) as an example. A word about the Minekey widget again — it provides content recommendations on your blog based on both the content of the current page as well as the user’s past browsing history (and thus his/her interests). [I have put the presentation up as a PDF]
  2. Automatic Verification of Software – Past, Present and Future: This talked about why we need verification at all, what is the current state of the art and some pointers as to what might be coming in the future. [Using Sriram’s slides]

I felt that this edition of Barcamp became quite chaotic because of last minute room changes, and it was really difficult to find out what was going on in which room.



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6 Responses to 2 Talks at BCB4

  1. delip says:

    KK – Good presentation. Looks like you are becoming India’s Premier Widget evangelist :-) !!!!

  2. @delip: Thanks! People really need to be educated about what widgets can do.

  3. itsandil says:

    Liked the widget talk. Thanks.

  4. @sandil: You’re welcome!

  5. Jerry says:

    The Widget talk was really interesting.
    I liked the way the slides were sorted out.

  6. @jerry: Thanks. I am finally getting the hang of powerpoint foils :)

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