Leipzig Philharmonic Orchestra + Dr L Subramaniam

I went to listen to the Leipzig Philharmonic Orchestra perform with Dr. L. Subramaniam today at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall. The event had received a lot of media coverage (here, here and here etc.) and no doubt the hall was completely full (with  disproportionate number of expatriates). The event was probably the most talked-about western classical concert in Bangalore for the whole year.

It was good listening to the music — I could imagine how much effort and practice western classical orchestra takes. There was perfect synchronization between all the artists. Towards the end, Dr. Subramaniam came on stage and we saw a little jugalbandi. What I found very interesting was that the sounds used in Western Classical and Hindustani Classical are very different. The Hindustany Classical is very nuanced with small variations (but lot of them), it’s extremely versatile since the artist is allowed to improvise within their own raga. Western, on the other hand, has more harmonious, smoother, almost like a cat and mouse chase. The best contrast is that Western made me think of old Charlie Chaplin movies (background score) while Hindustani made me think of old Raj Kapoor numbers. I understood that even more when the Orchestra was trying to play a composition of Dr. Subramaniam (Spring Rhapsody) and I felt they could not reproduce the original sounds that the maestro must have intended. At the same time, I am sure the discipline and the team-effort would have been impossible for Indians, I felt.

Going to Barcamp tomorrow and day after. Might be speaking in a few sessions. Let’s see how it goes!


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