Minekey at Stanford & on TechCrunch

I have written about Minekey in the past. It’s a startup that I had been involved in back in college. Today, was a great day for Minekey because it launched a new revamped site, with a much cooler widget and loads of customizability options which is what users have been looking for. The new site looks absolutely super-cool. Kudos to the team who’ve been working hard day and night.

The new updated offering is being showcased at the Always on Stanford Summit 2007, as one of the top 50 participants at the Stanford University campus. It is truly a momentous occasion for all of us — employees, alumni and well-wishers of Minekey. Minekey had also presented at Proto.in at IIT Madras last weekend.

Meanwhile, Minekey has been TechCrunched. This should drive a lot of traffic to the site, and create a lot of traction. I just hope that the servers can scale to the hits it is going to get in the next few days.

A word about Minekey again. Minekey aims to make the life of blog-readers simple by providing them recommendations based on both the content of the current page as well as the reader’s past reading habits. So, if the reader is generally interested in cricket news and visits a web-page about the stock market, it will show links from both cricket as well as stock market. It takes personalization to a whole new level because current services only provide recommendations based on the current context. The blog publisher can indicate a list of sources from which Minekey should aggregate content so show recommendations on their website. Hence, if you have multiple blogs you can aggregate content across all of them.

If you haven’t yet, try it out!

[Sadly, WordPress.com does not allow blogs to add custom widgets and so I can’t be the user of the Minekey widget :(]


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And it’s also made it to today’s del.icio.us popular. (Link may not work later. If someone knows how to find the permalink of a particular day’s popular on del.icio.us, please let me know!)

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14 Responses to Minekey at Stanford & on TechCrunch

  1. Ravemz says:

    Dude !
    I just woke up, after a long night out, and first thing I see is, minekey on techcrunch.


  2. Robin Anil says:


  3. @rave, robin: Guys, all your hard work! Love you folks :) Keep rocking!

  4. Mohit Gupta says:

    Hey – looks great. Congratulations!!

  5. @mohit: Thanks buddy.

  6. Rajiv Doshi says:

    Krishna, great recap of all the coverage Minekey is receiving today. It’s a very exciting day for us!

  7. @rajiv: I fully agree. A great day for Minekey!

  8. Sourish says:

    Yeah, i have been reading abt minekey too, and its great, even though i was not involved. It was amazing to see the thing evolve!

  9. @sourish: Thanks man. Hopefully the evolution turns into a revolution in personalized information access.

  10. Layon says:

    The site looks great boss! Going to try it out.

    Regarding the trek…had to cancel it due to rain…but will make it soon…will definitely intimate you.

  11. mohit says:

    Great application… will definitely try it.

  12. @layon,mohit: You should add the widget! It’s cool… !

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