Talwalkars Gym: Do they think the Customer is an Ass?

I had a rather bad experience with the Talwalkars Gym in Sadashivnagar (Bellary Road, Bangalore) recently and so I thought I should write it down so that people googling for it will find this out and perhaps be forewarned.

I have been a member of the Sadashivnagar branch of Talwalkars for a year now. While people do complain about them being overpriced (5k per month and 20k for an annual membership), my opinion has been that there is perhaps some value since so many people join the gym. Also, since it is covered under my company’s fitness benefit, I really can’t complain.

Hence, this post is not meant to rant about their pricing. The whole problem started when I went to renew my membership. I asked the chief instructor on the floor around the third week of July about renewing it and he told me that new rates will be applicable from August beginning with new offers and I should wait. I decided to delay the renewal since I still had a few weeks left. One the first of August, a colleague of mine told me that there was a new scheme in Talwalkars under which renewal was only about 15k. He called them up and cross-checked with them. I thought the deal made good sense so I even sent out a mail to people at large in my office so that they could avail of the deal if they so wished.

When we reached the gym, the instructor (the one I had asked earlier) informed us that renewal would come to about 20k, a full 5k more than what we had heard. What they had done was bumped up the price by 3k and were then giving a 2k discount under an ‘early bird’ offer. Renewals would get a further 1k discount. Talwalkars has other schemes (such as discounts on couple membership) but he was extremely reluctant to share these with us (though he kept insisting that the prices are decided by the head office and they have to follow the catalog but he was not allowed to share the catalog with the customers). He said that he is not allowed to give us the details by the head office. On prodding further, he did give us the catalog sent by the head office, and we found that a discount of 15% is available in the case of renewal. However, he informed us that such a discount was applicable only on the full price (bumped up by 3k than the current price and this fact was not mentioned in the catalog) so the deal would come out to be more expensive for us. He was obviously not very comfortable with us asking a number of pointed questions because he seemed to be sweating profusely. I asked him for a proof somewhere in between, and he started fidgeting so much that I felt he was trying to evade.

The fun continued when I came back to the office and tried the Talwalkras number again. I called up the Jayanagar branch and they told me that the rate was 15k (n fact, they also said that the rates all over the country are higher). I called up a number of other branches as well, and it seemed to be lower everywhere. In Bombay, the rates were 10k. I could not get through to the head office in Bombay. I checked at each of these branches and they said that the rates are the same all over the country (and were very insistent about this). When we called up the Sadashivnagar branch and asked them the reason for the bumped up rates, they said that they have better equipment than the other branches. It was not clear now whether the rates were decided by the branch or the head office.

I agree that Talwalkars is a private company and they can pretty much do whatever they wish to, but I would like to focus on the following complains:

  1. Don’t try to make a fool of loyal customers: In most other shops (or organizations), if there is an impending price increase the shopkeeper would actually inform you and try to get more sales. It also makes sense to inform loyal customers anyway, at least they should get some rewards for their loyalty. It seems obvious that Talwalkars Sadashivnagar is making enough money and doesn’t give a damn whether older members leave or continue. On the contrary, they wish to bump up the price for them so that they can extract more money. At the same time, you can not ask repeat customers to pay the same amount as new joinees, esp. when the service is like a gym. If you mention a 15% discount, it should be given on the price you are charging new joinees and not a bumped up price which clearly implies fleecing. (In fact, a lot of other people have also left the gym for various reasons which I will not belabor here)
  2. There has to be transparency in pricing: If you are referring to a catalog, make it public and have the policies clearly mentioned. There is no point of playing a game of FUD with your customers. Moreover, the pricing should be simple. If there are alternate schemes, state them clearly, and not make a mess of the pricing structure so that the customer doesn’t trust you. Either there should not be any ambiguity, or if there is, the benefit of doubt should be given to the customer. He is the king, after all!
  3. Have clear communications between the head office and the branch: While it is very apt to have pricing being decided centrally, it is important to have them communicated to every branch. If the branch manager says, ‘We’re sorry, but everything is decided by the head office, and we can’t do anything’, the customer is going to wonder what he is there for. They could very well do away with him and replace him by a membership vending machine (a la a Coke vending machine). Also, if there is differentiation between the branches, it should be clear. I am still not sure if the differential pricing is a matter of policy, or if the guy was trying to cheat me.
  4. Hire competent people: The most important thing. You can be doing each of the three above, but if the person in-charge does it convincingly, the customer is not going to feel sour (I am actually giving wrong advice here!). The point is, the person should be able to handle uncertainties, and tricky situations, if they arise. We don’t want answers like “Cummon man, do you not trust me?” from the in-charge. Of course, we don’t trust you. The FUD game never works.
  5. Let customers see value in the price: Though I promised not to talk about it, I have to revisit this. At the end of the day, there has to be value. I thought that my year-long association should have promised me a better price. Most companies give a lower reimbursement for renewals as compared to new joinees, precisely for the reason. At least in the case of a gym, a repeat customer has much lower cost: since he knows most exercises and just has to use the equipment. It was very clearly noticeable that the trainers were only interested in helping people who had coughed up more money for getting a personal trainer, and others were left to fend for themselves. If that is the policy, so be it. But then, the customer has to be charged commensurate to what he is getting.

Of course, I had refused to renew and I would recommend the same to others. The price is not the pain point because finally a person has to judge if s/he sees enough value and s/he wishes to spend that much money for the service s/he is getting. However, what irks me is the fact that they are trying to so blatantly fleece customers. They obviously seem to think the Customer is an Ass.

Thanks to all this, I am now enjoying the Sankey Tank in the mornings.

Update: Sriram has posted his own horrendous experiences with the Talwalkars Sadashivnagar branch at his blog: http://talwalkars.blogspot.com


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  1. Lord Brar says:

    It looks as if the local guy was trying to make some extra pocket money. Why not write to their head office and specifically point this issue? =)

  2. @brar: hopefully somebody in their head office reads blogs :)

  3. Nova says:

    Hmmm…. All of what you have written is true. Most of these in fact hold true for any service line!

  4. @nova: well. true. I wanted to generalize things taking the example of Talwalkars.

  5. Upma says:

    I was just thinking of joining the same gym, and on google when i search I saw ur link on the first page. Thanks a lot for blogging this and informing people. Great job :)

  6. @upma: Glad to know people find this information helpful.

  7. Akx says:

    Dude, I’ve never seen anyone crib so much. You are a cry baby. And regarding your blog (making full use of your freedom of speech) – why are you writing huge useless essays? your blog sucks dude and not useful except where I could skim through and get some numbers out of your epic.

    • Avinash says:

      Akx please grow up. You seem to be a Talwalkar’s management or staff person planted here to tom-tom your lousy company, as your immature comment means nothing here. Most people who have been to your place have experienced this happening. There is so much competition in the market and if you guys don’t wake up soon enough and straighten up your act and get away from this money-eating greedy policies, you will sink the same way as all rich companies eventually do. Power doesn’t last forever, sooner or later the collapse comes, and then…you will pay…through your nose.

  8. @akx: Everyone has an opinion. So have you :-)

  9. AKX basher says:

    Looks like AKX is a Talwalkars Sadashivnagar Employee … lol

  10. talwalkar's member says:

    almost al the gyms are of same category, they only just try to make money of their customers.
    one thing i know about talwalkar trainers,they are been told to
    target the existing members providing them new schemes with discounts.these trainers will eat their head during workout time or call them everytime untill they make it.

  11. Saurabh says:

    Hi all

    Its even more pathetic Here in Secunderabad Branch of Talwalkar, A gym good for nothing.

    I am a memeber of Secunderabad Branch of Talwalkar For Last 6 Months… I am not happy with current scenario, I need to have someone on top of Branch Level to contact and provide my feedback. Branch Manager Sujata is decilining to provide me information on same.
    Can I have it through this medium.


  12. @saurabh: That is why I am hoping that posting things out in the public will help people find the truth. A lot of people come to this post of mine looking for Talwalkars and get to know my experiences.

  13. Sriram says:

    Hey Saurabh,
    Not that the hopeless assholes sitting in the Mumbai office will make any difference, they dont even have a customer service wing nationally.

    Their Bombay office number is +91 22 6612 6300. This lady named Gita is the receptionist. Her sensibility is horrendous when dealing with customers that dont fit her job description of ‘answering the phone’ When you ask her to transfer to the customer service wing… she mumbled and stumbled and did a research on the phone asking every tom dick and harry whether there was a customer service wing in the company (All with me on the line when I could her, not even putting me on mute).

    Yeah there is this good for nothing, attitude throwing, MORON OF THE FIRST ORDER, called Adarsh Nigam (VP Marketing).

    This JERK threw me so much attitude and I lost my entire membership.

    Any thing with Talwalkers is not going to god damn work. I battled with them for 9 months on my problem.

    I couldnt believe that these Ass-H*L*s threw more attitude than the Indian government offices.

    Would be really nice if you are able to post on this blog, your experience of dealing with them on the number I gave above.

    Cheers, and good luck with your uphill battle.

    • Avinash says:

      Sriram, I have noticed that generally when many members of a company show this snobbish attitude towards customers, they (the company) are linked to corrupt politicians/gangsters/crooked bureaucratic person who has a lot of illegal wealth to invest and that is why these companies operate without fear of individual customers. Only if everyone quits these companies will the fear come to them. They are operating black money through these outlets. If you don’t like a particular service in any stream of life, go to the competition. That is the fittest reply to such high handed tactics.

  14. Sriram says:

    You folks might also want to check my blog on my NIGHTMARISH experience with Talwalkars in Bangalore and dealing with their head offices in Bombay.


  15. KSss says:

    Hi Dudes n chicks, u r experiences at talwalkars r little better than what happens in reality, right from head trainers n so called certified personal trainer (…i wonder, whether it’s real certification or it’s like me giving a post-doctorate fellowship to my dad and say he s Dr. XXX,.. to tell u the fact most of them are not even CPR certified which is mandatory to be in fitness training…one of the reason for a member to collapse in Mahim branch and he died instantly..) and fishing for diwali gifts to taking un-official personal training..(..i use to pay a trainer Rs.2500 a month at Santacruz branch..it was a crook and a typical gautan guy, i had to coz of my health condition and as i was not getting any guidance from the training staff and left with no option as this same idiot converted my annual membership to 5 r plan…..) from flirting with female members to asking for liquor from members…and i just can wish for the best to happen since i got 2 more years of memberhip left…


  16. Deepika Mallya says:

    Talkwalkar’s Sadashivnagar branch – Bangalore, I agree, is unbelievably inadequate – in the sense of space, staff, room and efficiency.

    I remember walking into the gym and asking, “is there all this is?”. With about 10 treadmills and 3 weak cross trainers, their cario section is incomplete. The weight machines are excellent though. Except that when you’re training, you have two people waiting in front of you in a hurry to be the next to go. I wouldn’t blame them: what with the gym being supremely small and the membership numbers going in surplus – if you’re a member of this particular branch, you’re going to HAVE to wait in line every time you switch machines.

    Apart from that, when I asked for a trainer, they provided me with a person who spoke very little english and did very little training. He asked me to run up and down the stairs in the building three times while he was up chatting with the receptionist. My floor excercises were only abs – and when i asked him to help me excercise my legs & back, he said, and i quote, “no need madam, leg you finished in treadmill no”

    Needless to say, I demanded for different trainer – they didn’t have anyone else available and got my money back.

    I highly recommend the Talwalkar’s gym in Ulsoor though. Excellent, competent trainers – well equipped gym, floors segregated for cardio and weights, they have alternative excercise studios as well – aerobics, dancercise and what not.

  17. Linda says:

    Thanks for this usefull information, i will think about joining it now

  18. CD says:

    I was thinking of checking out the place in Vizag as someone gave me a 15 days free trail coupon, but now am having second thoughts.
    Even when I went in to enquire, they came across as extremely aggressive in their attitude. The trainer who showed me around assumed that I had never seen the inside of a gym before and that I was an illiterate as far as gyms go. EVen when I mentioned that I have been a member of another gym for the past 3 years she did not seem to get it.
    I completely agree with you, Talwalkars seem to think the customer is an ass and I will add on that they feel that even potential customers are nincompoops and that was enough to turn me off their gym. I shall continue with my old, admittedly ‘lower tech’ gym because they treat me with respect there.

    • santosh singh says:

      Same experience i had in Vizag , earlier i was a member of Rajahmundry branch (couple pack), there i was not able to work out because every trainer use to convince me for a personal trainer @ 4000 PM , when i shifted to Vizag , i inquired for transferring the membership & went to gym at vizag , but when i told him that we are existing customers & just want to transfer , he immediately gone rude & asked to come with 3000 rs , when i told i want to see the gym , he didn’t even listen & left us unattended at reception area , after this i decided not to go the gym & lost my all money , so i suggest not to go for talwalkar’s , because they don’t even care , once you pay the money .
      yes they will call you and attend you to convince you to take personal trainer .

  19. malleshwaramhudga says:

    kpowerinfinity and others,
    I highly recommend the consumer redressal court. They are pretty good at handling such cases. If you’re in Bangalore, then go down to Basava Bhavana which is right across the street from Chalukya Hotel/ Sophia School. You can fill up a few forms and lodge a complaint with the consumer court.
    Its the complacency and lack of motivation of the customers to follow up on such issues that allows businesses such as Talwalkars to continue to rip people off.

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  21. Samay says:

    Hi ,

    I agree with you that Fitness Clubs can be quite an experience . The industry is facing a manpower crunch as the trainers mostly come from not so educated backgrounds . I am sure with time we can all hope to get a good workout , realise our fitness goals and enjoy the experience too . I have been a member of almost all centres and find varying experience everywhere .
    Meanwhile if you guys are interested in joining up pls note that a new centre is coming up at Sadashivnagar from Fitness One . Their equipments are all global ones . Its opening by April 15th and they have a 20% off on rack rate .
    The hoardings are up . I know the centre manager , u could call her up on 98456 93541 .I am planning to join up for an annual membership .

  22. Avon says:

    Guys, i agree with you. Talwarkar’s is no good for the kind of moolah they charge/ fleece… These guys are just riding on the booming local economy and, given this attitude, will be no where once the dust settles down…

    Thanks for the info on FitnessOne in Sadashivnagar. I was thinking of enquiring about it. Would you have some idea on the nature of memberships (annual/ bi-annual etc.) they have and the rates there of?

  23. Ann Saravanan says:

    Talwalkars operate like a govt enterprise. It is closed on all govt holidays, central holidays and regional holidays. On APril 14, all the gyms in Chennai city like Golds, Fitness one, Blue, Dimensions , Maverick etc were working except Talwalars. Very inflexible place.


  24. princess says:

    I was planning to join talwarkar’s but was reluctant because of the heavy pricing..This blog was really helpful..and I dont wanna shell my money on something like this place..Does any one know if there is a good salsa class in secunderabad>?

  25. juss says:

    hi everybody, let me introduce myself in brief, m a fitness expert, and let me twell u people frankly that even i was believing that talwarkars are the best fitness group, but to my shocki found them totally fake. they r just minting money n nothin else , they know nothing about fitness and all.m telling all this becoz i personally had words with them,My advice to all of u, who really r interested n fitness , dn risk urself by trusting them n there deshi trainners.

  26. manakish says:

    good read!! i was planning to join talwalkers when iam in chennai for my 2 month vacation.
    iam a member of international chain fitness first in dubai. after reading these i ve decided against this gym .
    currently where i work out its 27000 sqft gym with dedicated free wt,mind and body studio,cardio studio,sauna,steam,shower rooms etc. for all these with 180 diff classes a week. i pay 4000rs (indian value) with free dvd rentals ,free unlimited coffee tea hot chocalate. the service in fitness first is top class. i heard they are opening in bombay soon. its the gym!!!the trainers are les miles certified and they have personal training too. free staff to help u while working out.
    if this gym opens in india do visit and tell me.
    anyone knows of any other better gym in chennai do let me know

  27. Srinivas says:

    We recently opened up a FitnessOne as a franchisee in Sadashivnagar (actually Vyalikaval exactly speaking). I just started focusing on what the blogs says and would like to have potential members come and vist our center – call us at 41 400 400. We are at 2ndMain Road Vyalikaval opposite Pizza Hut/Nilgiris.

    On the pricing issue: We have been working on a fair and same price for everybody but can say it has been a super challenge. Nearly every customer wants to bargain that they promise they will not tell anybody else if we give them a better deal!! Lots of other cases and this may not be the forum.

    Staff is extremely difficult to get (even reasonable ones) and it is an industry wide challenge. Salaries are also a big challenge. And these are just some of the issues as a fitness center management we face. We also have had a more than a fair share of starting issues that are mostly behind us.

    These issues not withstanding, we are proud to have the center come up very well . We have been open from mid-April 2008 and gone beyond the first baby steps and walking steadily now.

    We have am aerobics area, steam room, and excellent equipment. We have also have a very unique air-conditioning that supplies 100% fresh air, first of its kind in for a fitness center in India which is very good for workouts and has much lesser CO2 levels – on an average we expect it to be less than half of the other fitness centers.

    I dont expect to be a frequent visitor here but do call and ask for the directors or our center manger.

  28. mILIND says:

    Does someone know abt talwalkars at Vashi, Navi mumbai?
    Pls let me know. Maybe some other gym close to it.

  29. Amar says:


    I signed up recently for a six month membership at Vasant Vihar Talwalkars in New Delhi. They charged me Rs 17,500 for a six month membership and today they sent me an SMS saying that they are offering a monsoon special for Rs 18,000 for the whole year. (but they refuse to pass on any benefit to me)

    They were signing up people till yesterday at Rs 25,000 for the year and are not willing to give them a rebate. They should have informed us at the time of signing up that their sale was about to begin and that it would be beneficial to wait for the sale.

    Talwalkars totally rips its customers off. I plan to join my local colony gymn from next time.

    Talwalkar Folks, instead of pissing your customers off why dont you try some ethical behavior for a change..

  30. seema says:

    hi there ,
    This so ture as talwarkar people should be called as decoits
    instead of calling them selves as fitness experts.They totally fake it.At the time of selling services they make u believe they are the right professionals to service .After taking the payment they are least bothered about the results or customers concern.There job is just to fool customer They promised me that they transfer membership to the family member due to medical reasons and when i asked for the same they simply refuse and they have hopeless deshi trainers who know nothing

  31. Stop Ranting says:

    Guys !!!

    Seems like most of you’ll have been sharing experiences which are local to yourself.

    Stop the ranting…

    May be you should do your homework.. on the rates etc.

    Every year August/September they have deals…

    Instead of screaming here.. do your research better….

    I think some of you’ll are trying to promote another Fitness centre and ranting here…

    Stop it..

    Do your homework.. before you believe in the posts of scums…

    Be wise…

    • Avinash says:

      Another Talwalkar’s staff bugling the band..get lost and put your head into your lousy equipment. Don’t even have the guts to tell your name you coward! Shame on you!

  32. Wasi says:

    Hi There every body….
    Thanks a lot for all these information… i was suppose to join Talwakers (A$$) tomorow with a corporate membership annouced by our office….
    But after seeing all this bitter experience i had hanged my mind…

  33. sak says:

    Hi Everybody,

    As i was searching for Fitness Training Academy on Googles,i came across this blog… Now i am a bit confused. As i wish to join a good Academy in Delhi or Mumbai can any one suggest a good Acadamy. I wish to persue a course for Personnel trainer.

  34. leeladhar says:


    I am having talwakars Rs 5000 voucher which can be used for 3 months any package at vijayawada(Maatha towers). I bought this during festive offer but not yet used. I would like to transfer if any one is interested. Its very good offer but i could not able to do GYM for another 8 months due to doctor advice.

    Please feel free to contact me if you need this voucher. 919840838086
    Voucher will expire by Mar 2009.

  35. sambangalore says:

    Thanks a ton people….me staying in jp nagar,,very near to tallwalkers. thought of joinin it but now..no wayyyyy..can anybody recommend somethin better??


  36. SRSRV says:

    తల్వల్కర్ విశాఖపట్నం లొ పెట్టిన కొత్తలొ నేను మా అబ్బాయిని దానిలొ జాయిన్ చేసేను. కాలం గడిచె కొద్ది తెలిసింది అది మన పాత వ్యాయమ సాలల కన్న చాల తక్కువని, అందులొ విషయం తెలిసిన వాళ్లు ఎవరు లేరని , వళ్లు తగ్గలంటె తిండికి మాడ్చడమె వాళ్లకి తెలిసింది . ఆ డైట్ వల్ల మెంబెర్కి ఏమైన ఇబ్బంది ఉందా లేదా అన్నది అక్కడ పనిచేస్తున్న వాల్లకి అవసరం లేదు .పేకేజ్ పేర్లు చెప్పి దబ్బు దండు కోవడం తప్ప. సిక్స్ పేక్ అడుగుతె బలె గమ్మత్తయిన వ్యఖ్యానాలు చెబుతున్నారు .మా వాడికైతె ఆపరేషన్ చెసుకొమని ఒకసారి, స్టెరొఇడ్స్ వాడమని ఒకసారి సలహాలు ఇచ్చేరు . ఈ జిం గురించి ఎక్కడ, ఎవరికి కొంప్లైంట్ ఇవ్వాలొ సరిగ తెలియడం లేదు….

  37. rvioli says:

    BRAND NEW TALL WALKER’S GYM started yesterday in Basaveshwara nagar. The atomos was really electrifying that people flocked to check the equipments and other stuff. It looks good, offer was pretty attractive. 10999 for 1 year membership, I signed up for. I don’t wish to get any trainer’s assistance and all I want is a better place with funtional equipment to workout. When I read blogs on the contrary to Talwalkars here, I am pissed off, coz local desi gyms have same cost of say 800 to 1000 per month, and trainers too. Why blame talwalkers. I was a member at Rightstuff, healthclub, in California for a year. Excellent place and equipments, with good trainers.
    Ofcourse many businesses are trying to immitate systems in the US, we can easily figureout the differences, and flaws. We Indians are different in our thinking.
    I will give my feedback, on Basaveshwara Nagar branch after couple of months.
    After all its IBM’s ad ” STOP TALKING AND START WORKING”

    • kiran kumar says:

      How is the basaveshwaranagar, bangalore branch? Ugh! i don’t why am asking this after reading the blog, well, guys let me know which others are good though!

  38. Hari says:

    Thanks for the info man!! Like everybody here, I too had a lingering thought about Talwalkars here in T-Nagar Chennai. When I checked out the place yesterday, the lady said the membership was Rs.18000 + taxes for a year and today she calls up and says 8 members from CTS are joining and if I join with them I can avail a discount 20%!! She was trying to force me to join immediately or at least make an advance payment. And I was considering it as well and trying to convince my friend to join me! Thank God! I googled and landed up here. Looks like all the thousands were about to go into a nasty drain! Long live blogs! :)

  39. Ganesh says:

    Hi rvioli,

    Eagerly waiting for your review on Basaveshwara nagar-Bangalore Talwalkars gym review :)

  40. Deepa says:

    2nd link to come up on google search. Sure put me off, now will have to reconsider joining Talwalkars… might just check out the other gyms instead….

  41. Soumyakanti Chakraborty says:

    I was seriously thinking about joining the Vizag branch of Talwalkar’s. Now I will certainly have to look for another gym.

    This blog was really useful.

    But the problem is there aren’t many good gyms in Vizag. Or maybe there are but I don’t know about them :(

  42. I was seriously thinking about joining the Vizag branch of Talwalkar’s. Now I will certainly have to look for another gym.

    This blog was really useful.

    But the problem is there aren’t many good gyms in Vizag. Or maybe there are but I don’t know about them :(

  43. Kishore says:

    may i know how is the basavaweshvarnagar’s branch of talwalkers?

  44. Sriram Sankar says:

    Please visit the below URL for they taking customer for a ride:


  45. yamuna says:

    trainers at talwalkars come from poor backgrounds and are less educated.Thats why they try to take you for a ride and try and intimidate you by using filthy language.

    Talwakars should set a minimum education limit like 10 or 12 pass not employ jhopadpatti people and gauti trainers.

  46. sameer says:

    They charge nearly 20000 per annum on top of that they are the worst gym ever and run by trainers who think they are GOD.

    The trainers are the most ill behaved people you have ever encountered,their problem is they think they know all but this is not the case,they will use all possible means and filthy language to force you to opt for a personal trainer and if one wants to train on his own his/her life is made a living hell.BLOODY FUCKING ILLITTERATE BASTARDS THESE TRAINERS who are fucking rotten ass politicians.. MAY YOU ALL REST IN PEACE BITCHES

    These guys cheat their regular customers by not offering them proper discounts and give new customers 50 percent discount

    SHITTY GYM NUMBER 1 dont join even if its d last choice…..

    They upgrade trainers to managers who then carry out personal vendeta against members who they take for granted…


    • Kavitha says:

      If you are a so called “regular gymmer” why do you need trainers to help you?????????????????????????
      Either you are just trying to satisfy your lack of development by bashing the trainers at talwakars in a forum like this OR you are a sissy who is intimidated by 50+ people working out better than you.
      Dude atleast don’t embarrass yourself in a forum like this.

  47. sachin says:

    If you plan to train on your own at Talwalkars be ready to face hell as you will be forced to go for a personal trainer by hook or by crook.Physical and mental disintegration is the name of the game for the trainers,they will make fun of you,stare at you while you workout and try to make you as uncomfortable as possible ,pass cheap comments and even try to bully you.The general trainer is a newbie who is forced to do things by the manager and the other personal trainers and he will leave no stone unturned to harass you.REALLY UNHEALTHY ATMOSPHERE
    Good only for old and unfit people.
    Regular gym goers should go to another gym even if it means to travel that extra kilometer.
    Reading the above comments I think your branches of Talwalkars are better than the ones in Mumbai and Thane.

  48. gautam says:


    • sachin says:

      LOL no thanks even if given free memebership will not join.

      Its a good gym only for old people uncle and aunties in agegroup 50+ plz hurry up and join LOL hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahaha

  49. D Gedia says:

    Talwalkars worst gym ever ….my experience

    unprofessional,management sucks (MANAGED BY TRAINERS WHO ARE UNEDUCATED AND OVERSMART),worst behaved trainers(SHAANE in mumbai slang) ,smallest gym in terms of size,highest membership(COST AS COMPARED TO OTHER BRANCHES)

    UNHEALTHY envoirnment

    want lots of mental agony join talwalkars.

    I could not take it anymore so moved on to Gold Gym


    Talwalkars Eden Woods Branch
    Thane West

    • arnold says:

      Totally agree with you bro its by far the worst branch and there is this trainer there Sameer motherfucking bastard bloody schedule caste bitch I am going to kick his black ass one day…… madarchot hai woh

  50. Sid Chennai says:

    Thanx for the heads up guys
    will join another gym


  51. Avinash says:


    • Avinash says:

      Aieee Rascalla no one is a sissy here..only you are. After all these horrible experiences only hippopotamuses will come to Talwalkars for a work out, and then eat up all your bull crap trainers. Rajnikant sir is coming to get you by your b***s you eunuch!

  52. kavita says:

    no different all gyms the same , cashing in on the fitness boom but helpful thread though.

  53. Anon says:

    They have a gym at Brookefields, Bangalore where they have only male instructors. The only lady instructor left 4 months ago. This is inconvenient and complaints to the management has not yeilded anything yet (doubt if it ever will!)

    It makes me sick to step into that place unless I have my gym partner with me.

  54. anon says:

    Fucking shitheads

  55. Flur says:

    I agree there with anon at their andheri branch in mumbai there are no female trainers and it is akward to train alone with all those hungry eyes watching you all the time.Pervs!!!

  56. Kavitha says:

    If you are surrounded by a bunch of Pervs why are you blaming the GYM, Blame the area you live in.
    I was a member of Talwakars Mumbai and now Talwakars Bangalore, i think they just rock. There are a bunch of Fat Aunties and Uncles like this blogger who can find a fault at everything, i am not saying the blogger is lying. It is true that they don’t tell you about the offers but it is upto you to find out if you can get a better deal.
    Nobody is gong to come out and roll the carpet for you, Use your brains to choose the best offer, STOP CRYING for your lack of common sense.
    You cant go to a shop and buy something and then blame the shopkeeper because you found that your friend bought the samething for half the price right..it is upto you to see if you can get a bargain.
    Sorry Blogs, have to say You just are plain a** DUMB.

    • Flur says:

      Please be specific kavitha there are a lot of branches in mumbai and u were in talwalkars mumbai lol.
      as for the area i live in its the poshest in mumbai
      fat aunties and uncles u say I am a former miss india contestant
      Dont rant here and advocate for talwalkars I just shared my persaonal experience so that others may learn from the experience without going thru it, so kavitha shut ur trap and take ur talwalkars is good shit elswhere bitch..

    • Avinash says:

      First of all ‘Kavita’, it is quite obvious you are a guy and not a girl, from the way you talk. Cheap, cowardly, crappy, dog-shit eating, ass..you guys are so scared to tell your names also…better wear bangles and sit in your homes rather than work in this lousy gym and fleece innocent people of their hard earned money. We have had enough and will NEVER EVER come to your CHEATING, MONEY-SUCKING gym, if that is what it can be called at all!

  57. Rakesh says:

    I find this blog totally untrue, I have been a member of Talwakars Bangalore (jayanagar branch) since a year and they are the BESSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT…!!!!
    Have no idea about how the other branches are. Even the JP nagar branch truly is world class, or maybe we don’t have perverts in Bangalore.

    • Avinash says:

      BULL SHIT…another Talwalkar’s plant here tom-toming your lousy gym. Most of your trainers are perverts and should sent to rehab for treatment.

  58. roma says:

    Looks like Talwalkars employees are blogging here to spread lies….


    Talwalkars sucks and thats the bottom line ………………lolololololololololool

  59. krish says:

    I have been at Talwalkars for nearly 1.5 years
    to tell you the truth the whole talwalkars experience has made be bitter and full of negativity still 6 months remain on the membership and I am not going to renew.

  60. avi says:

    Poor and uneducated wannabe trainers wanting rich friends(read fools) fuck the whole
    Talwalakars experience….

  61. Kumar says:



    • Avinash says:

      Get lost Kumar…you are also a Talwalkar spy here…we hate you. Get lost and do a clerical job instead!

  62. anna says:


  63. amit says:

    trainers are rotten

  64. sethu says:

    All old and middle aged people come to talwalkars,very few young people

    and these old people are frustrated fuckers.

  65. kumar says:

    overhyped gym
    dont no why people pay so much money to come to such a crappy gym

  66. Guru says:

    A trainer at jp nagar abused and physically assaulted me

  67. kr says:

    downtrodden and poor trainers at dime a dozen at Talwalkars
    Less people working out and more trainers always..
    Fucking dumbwit village people these fkng trainers.

    And these fuckers dont know one thing its rude to fking stare at someone while working out FUCKING VILLAGERS

  68. pooja says:

    Ya too many old and middle aged people come to talwalkars ,past their prime and nearing death :)
    trying hard to extend their lifespan but only succeed in irritating others.

    • Vidhya says:

      Pooja…your humor is killing….in a good way..im glad i came across this..made me laugh and laugh…imstill laughing…

  69. priya says:

    Gold gym membership cost 9000 gym cardio steam 6000 gym yearly
    Talwalkars 18000+taxes gym cardio steam yearly in Mumbai

  70. Sushrut says:

    They are not ready to open the branch at 5am..

    I tried hard to convince them, but they are asking me to go for a personal trainer :(

  71. anon says:

    So if you go for a personal trainer how will that solve your problem of opening the gym at 5am.

    I think gold gyms open for 24 hours on weekdays.

  72. Sushrut says:

    I had gone to their CAMP, PUNE branch, they are trying to sell the personal trainer package if I need to come early..and not ready to open the shop if Im not willing to do so..

  73. kavi says:

    fucking rotten ass trainers fucking illiterate bastards offer you bodybuilding tips even when their help aint required and just keep staring at you like a whore waiting to be fucked.
    Worst fucking gym in the whole fucking world with the most fucking ill behaved schedule caste trainers bitches ever.

  74. arvind swamy says:

    Can I sue Talwalkars for mental truama caused.
    Kindly help.

    • vin says:

      SURE…. U cn sue thm in th consumer forum…for the damage caused. Instd of smply complaining verbally bttr do it so that u get a solution….

  75. sachin says:

    Talwalkars has made me an angry person full of negativity and bitterness

  76. pooja says:

    So many cry babies on this blog.
    Shut up and work out and stop being such big babies.

  77. anna says:

    bloody worst managed gym run by uneducated trainers who are only interested in selling supplements to members.
    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiest gym ever.

  78. ganesh says:

    Went to the gym today morning no space to move packed like hell and all old people hogging the equipment 45 minute workout took 1 hour 30 minutes,with added mental frustration.

  79. sairam says:

    Om Sai Ram

  80. sri says:

    trainer/managers are bitchass fuckers
    fuckers try to play politics

  81. rajesh Chennai says:

    I have working out at Talwalkars for two years, in my honest opinion if you want to train on your own without a personal trainer please dont join talwalkars.

  82. sri says:

    maa choodon madarchoton ki,behen ke lavde madarjhat chakke salle

  83. anon says:

    Less of a gym more of a hell hole, more trainers than people in the gym as it is there is less space.Even the female trainers are bitches who are obsessed with getting a rich boy at any cost.FUCKING RETARD GYM

  84. arpit says:

    Not all trainers are bad only some who try to intimidate you to try and force you take personal trainers and buy supplements from them so that they can make a quick buck.Personal experience this is.
    Answer to this is plain and simple FUCK THEM and tell them to FUCK OFF

  85. kavitha says:

    Totally untrue this blog is,Talwalkars is the best gym ever.

  86. radhe says:

    Lady trainers they employ are from the red light area bloody prostitutes dont even know how to talk to people.Bitches.

  87. anon says:

    Disgusting trainers downright illiterate and dumb witted.Not all of them mind you .Masters in passing filthy comments and bullying members.If one does ignore them they think we are afraid of them.LOOSERS they are.Its going to bite them in their ass one day.Everything that goes around comes around.

  88. anon says:

    No guts these bad trainers have pass comments and when you confront them these bastards run for their lives and try to muster support of others and try to create a scene.Gutless dogs pakistanis

  89. Kavitha says:

    If you guys haye this gym so much why dont you join another gym.

  90. sri says:

    I want to share my experience with you guys,

    Look the bottom line is that talwalkars like any other gym is run by trainers and its a fact that only the upper middle class and the rich go to these gyms,so the trainers know that members are easy targets to earn a quick buck by showing them dreams of a great body quickly and in doing so they juice us up with all kinds of supplements and even steroids in some cases.They think of members as cash rich cows and try to take you for a ride.Even if you want to train on your own without the help of trainers they will try to force you to buy supplements from them by hook or by crook,one of my close friends fell for this trap and bought steroids i the hope of getting big fast but to what adverse effects,he was hospitalised for a month due to the adverse effects of steroids.So the bottom line is its your choice get smart and ignore these trainers and their wise cracks,build your body naturally even though it will take time but the effects will last for a longer time.
    SO try to train on your own or if you go for a personal trainer dont try to use steroids and stuff (protein supplememts are ok) your health is in you hands dont get intimidated by these trainers most of whom are uneducated and poor. TAKE CARE.

  91. radhe says:

    Trainers are jealous of members because the members are far more well off than them,they wear better clothes and have a built which is much better than these frustrated trainers.

  92. sri says:

    There is a bastard trainer at our gym who along with his member think they fucking own the gym,son of a bitch motherfucking dog fucking cunt saale madarchot hai doono.unki maa ko kuuta choode benchod.

  93. sachin says:

    This trainer at our gym threatens to hit people and acts as his if the gym is his property,he hogs all the equipment and behaves badly with the members.

  94. anon says:

    at my talwalkars there are some trainers who try to bully you and intimidate you,not paying such high membership fees to go to an unhealthy atmosphere,when you complaain their behaviour becomes more aggressive.No proper management structure at talwalkars the trainers run the gym and feel that they can do anything and bully anyone LOOSers

  95. kabir says:

    Talwalkars sucks.
    Trainers pass dirty and cheap comments.Very downmarket.
    Even lady trainers pass comments and very bad management.
    Overall 5/10 Equipment is good but enviornvment is unhealthy and negative.

  96. anil says:

    You little sisses if you have a problem with a trainer just let him know and give him a piece of mind.These bastards prey on your fear. SO go ahead and give them a piece of mind it usually works.

  97. rana says:

    I have been to two talwalkars branches serious honest opinion is if you are young please dont join talwalkars,its best suited for old people.Because if you are a youngster the trainers will be jealous of you and behave rudely and badly with you.

  98. Lol says:

    Whats with all the sissies whining. End of the day you are fuckin adults, deal with the trainers, if you fuckin bought steroids from then you are the bitchass punk not the trainer who is just trying to make some money.

    Just fuckin work out while you are there instead of envying and fearing the trainers. Dumbasses

  99. Lol says:

    Grow the fuck up!

  100. hahaha says:

    appreciate your comments lol but they discuss this and make sure that we hear it that they are going to beat you up,we come from good families and avoid confrontation .So why should we constantly live in fear of getting beat up ANY TIPS bro on how to deal with this.

  101. dev says:

    Beat those bastards up finish the fucking matter.

    even if you get hit twice ,hit him one that he will remember for the rest of his life.

  102. sk says:

    Concentrate on your workout….,
    Dont talk and look at these trainers if they bother you so much.You have spent good money for joining the gym so why let somone spoil the experience.Ignore them and after a few days even they will become disinterested.

  103. dk says:

    When you ignore these trainers their only way back is to Pass cheap comments.
    Dont react to these comments let these dogs bark.After a few times they will stop themselves.
    DOnt bother about them just work out.


  104. kumar says:

    even a small colony gym is better than Talwalkars at least there is no politics and ill feeling.

  105. ami says:

    A pep who is not even my trainer passes filthy comments and stares at you while you are working out, he has a face like a donkeys backside.DICKHEAD and DUMBFUCK and DIMWITTED and UNEDUCATED and WANNABE and FRUSTRATED are a few words to describe this FUCKFACE.

  106. Rahul says:

    I am member of talwalkars gym Chennai and I have renewed 2 times. Bloody fuck there is no a/c, no steam, no trainers, no driver ,no, no, no….! Keep on changing gym equipments to up & down like…..(!) I just wanna know who is Vidya bloddy fucking female? CHENNAI TALWALKARS SUCKS…….!!!

  107. krk says:

    a trainer who has been made manager at my gym in mumbai is a black schedule cast person who thinks he is manmohan singh and gym is his country bastard schedule cast son of a whore i will kick his ass one day and give him a nice beating chutiya number one hai woh gadhe ki aullad.
    talwalkars suxk bigg time only because of the poor quality of people they employ.

  108. ram says:

    3 rd rate gym and even worse trainers.
    general trainers pass really bad comments and give dirty looks.
    management does nothing about it.IMPOSSIBLE TO TRAIN ON YOUR OWN.DONT JOIN TALWALKARS.

  109. aman says:

    GOOD gym shitty managers.. and some shitty trainers.

  110. srikumar says:

    they employ frustrated trainers whose only motive in life is to stare at people and constantly come up to them and give their useless advice and irritate the people working out.


  111. jimmy says:

    gym frequented by old and middle aged people
    its not a gym for young people

  112. mannu says:

    trainers are jealous of having rich people around since they themselves are poor and undeducated.

  113. sam says:

    dumbell leke sir pe mar madarchot ke

  114. tanay says:

    managers think they are the owners of the gym and show attitude ,bloody lowlife bastards

  115. tanay says:

    useless gym 95% of the people middleaged or above
    frustrated trainers.
    ranking 0/10
    dont waste money on talwalkars lot of other new gyms are there.

  116. dydayquak says:

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  117. bajaj says:

    worst gym ever
    bloody frustrated trainers poor bastards
    pass comments
    low life bastards
    incompetent motherfucking chut managers bastards
    chutiya gym no 1

    rest in peace chudela gym bastard harami land chus le mera Talwlakars
    Chakko ka gym madarchod
    randi ke pille as trainers even a randi bazaar is better thn talwalkars
    unki maa ko kutta chode benchot

  118. jk says:

    usless fellows these trainers are if you ignore them and dont buy supplements from them they threaten to hit you.Bloody cheap goondas.Talwalkars is run like a government institution no rules only goondaraj of trainers.

  119. ram says:

    foolish trainers have inferiority complex and stare rudely at people working out,bastards have a problem with rich people and find excuses to vent out their frustration,bastards.

  120. mehul says:

    Hey bro working out at talwalkars for more than two and half years and i agree with the bloggers to some extent,but there is nothing that you cant handle,i will give you my way of handling these situations.
    Not all trainers are bad there are a few gym bullies who want to make their presence felt best way to handle this is ignore them and if this does not work confront him and give him a peace of your mind this usually works.
    The local management is usually made up of local trainers if you got a problem contact the main office and shoot them an email at feedback@talwalkars.net then the local management will definetly take care of your problem and get it solved,dont approach the management of your gym under any circumstances.
    The problem of people staring at you while working out,if you dont look at them how do you know if they are staring at you,keep your head down and avoid eye contact.
    Go to the gym work hard and avoid chit chatting with the trainers,go and do your stuff you have paid good money for it.
    (most important tip DONT BE TIMID SPEAK YOUR MIND otherwise they think you are a sissy boy)
    Talwakars Pune

  121. mandar says:

    A trainer at my gym openly threatens to beat me up in front of every one what should i do how should i handle this,i am a shy and reserved person and dont like confrontation.Talwalkar employs frustrated goondas as trainers

  122. jay says:

    apne branch mein ek trainer hai sala usli doosron ko dekh ke jalti hai comment pass karta hai aur ghoorta hai bandar ke jaisa saala madar bolta hai maroonga tujhe apne aap ko ko dawood ka bhai samjhta hai uski complain do baar ki phir bhi farak nahin padta saala chutiyoon se bhara hua gym hai talwalkars ,saale pe ek din police case karoonga.

  123. gymrat says:

    I was a member at talwalkars andheri mumbai a trainer pushed me and i banged my head on the wall,frustrated trainers are mad and shout loudly and pass cheap comments.never join talwalkars they have no control on their trainers.

  124. google says:

    the old and middle aged people keep on staring at you.
    dont these people know staring is rude.

  125. talwalkars eats shit says:

    at my branch vasant vihar delhi this trainer son of a bitch passes derogatory comments about girls and bullies people and threatens to hit members,complained to the local management but of no avail bloody deepshit dehati trainer.

  126. talwalkarsbig 0 says:

    talwalkars good for old and middle aged people only if young people go they are shown ATTITUDE by old members as well as the personal trainers.

  127. jai says:

    frustrated poor trainer bastards are jealouus of you and stare at you and try to bully yo bloody bastards

  128. max says:

    most of the trainers at talwalkars are mentally unstable believe you me i have been to three seperate talwalkar branches hoping that things would be different but its always the same.they are a bunch of loosers and yes the management at each and every talwlkars branch are too afraid to talk to the trainers giving them a free license to act as if they are the gym owners and bully around the members.

  129. satya says:

    all dehati and gauti pyscho trainers at our branch
    open their mouth and out comes shit

  130. mohan says:

    At my branch at Rajachar Street, Thyagaraya Nagar a trainer just keeps on staring and makes threatning gestures and talks about hitting me loudly to his trainer friends.I think he is a frustrated gay fellow LOL

  131. satya says:

    gym nahi hai kabadkhana hai talwalkars bloody mental trauma ho jata hai wahan pe jakar yede logon ki bharti ki hai talwalkars mein pagal trainers

  132. sachin says:

    chutiya gym no 1,chut trainers,chut management ,fkall gym
    talwalkars sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  133. ravi says:

    Any one know any trainer free gyms in and around mumbai l0l :)

  134. kavitha says:

    go to any gym its the same situation so nothings new.

  135. anon says:

    passing comments is all that they can do keep your head down and workout.

  136. avinash says:

    five years at talwalkars i have been working out the trainers are rotten and try to degrade you by passing comments and making fun of you but its my money its my life so fuck yOUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bastards.And i still enjoy my workouts so go fuck urself u talwalkars pussies.

  137. Vidhya says:

    Hi everybody..wow..it sounds like an aftermath…..and just as I was thinking of joining this gym. Thanks to everyone for your feedbacks.

  138. sammy says:

    at my branch its a volatile and unhealty atmosphere, every day some or the other way a fight breaks out between the trainers and members very dangerous and unhealty,antisocial people here and all trainers use threatening and aggresive body language very bad situation god save talwalkars,god save us.

  139. yomahesh says:

    second your opinion hostile and frustrated enviornment even accidentally bumping into someone or touching someone results in a fight.people have lost it overe here all hot headed freaks

  140. akshay says:

    trainers are as rotten as fish,they are frustrated bunch of bastards,since they cant be rich they try to tease and irritate the members,passing comments is their only way of getting noticed.
    AT talwalkars at any given time there are more trainers than members in the workout area,even if their members are not there they sit around on machines gossiping,staring and passing comments at people working out,very very very low class.its mindfucking just seeing their whore ass faces.
    beggars will always be beggars,yyou cant change the mentality of these trainers.mind you not all of them are bad but a large percentage of them are rotten to the core,they will pass comments amongst themselves loud enough that you can hear them,they fuck with you all the time and then when you look at them they smile as if nothing has happened.I am planning to leave talwalkars but sadly still seven months remain on my membership.
    will join snap 24 7 open 24 hours and go at some odd hour or better than that set up my own home gym.Honestly guys if you ever want to join a gym you are much bettter off going to to a small colony gym rather than these gyms.there is so much mental trauma that you keep about thinking about these fuckers the whole day.Cheers and happy GYMIN.

  141. raj says:

    bogus gym no 1

  142. chris says:

    somebody should sue their sorry ass one day.

  143. komal says:

    this blog is really untrue i have been a member of talwalkars for three years now and have faced no problems whatsoever.Talwalkars is the the best,if you want you can get good discounts on the membership they have august schemes and april schemes where you can get upto 40 percent discount.

    • Avinash says:

      Bull shit ‘komal’…you are also a Talwalkar spy..an ISI agent, planted here to plant ‘good’ lies to us. But we all know the truth. Get lost with all your money-guzzling schemes. No member worth his/her salt will promote schemes on behalf of such places..it means they lack self-confidence, and are full of inferiority-complex…esp. you so-called ‘komal’ !! We ‘see’ you!

  144. rishi says:

    bloody chut gym i have already taken a yearly membership all my money will be wasted bull crap .Motherfucker gym full of rotten politician trainers bastards,my hard earned money gone to waste please dont join this motherfucking gym.
    bloody chutias talwalkars should be bycotted by one and all.i like to get these trainers fucked by a motherfucking donkey one by one ,bloody cock suckers cunts.

  145. rtv says:

    Its not a gym more of a mental asylum with all mental frustrated trainers who wished they were rich.
    very very bad aura and ill feeling prevails at the gym certainly not conducive to happy mind and healthy body.PLEASE AVOID TALWALKARS

  146. moshin says:

    Trust me i have been working out at talwalkars for one and half years,if you are young and plan to train on your own be ready to face the comments and taunts of the trainers.The general trainers and the personal trainers have a pact between themselves that force the newbies by using mental degradation and physical intimidation to force you to get a personal trainer.These trainers are so bad they pass filthy comments,stare at you when you work out, give you useless advice and make fun of you behind your back,after a while it really gets to you and makes you quit the gym.follow my advice never join talwalkars its run like a public institution.Since talwalkars is so desperate to find trainers they hire all kinds of mentally frustrated without checking their family backgrounds.All these trainers can do is bloody pass comments and laugh at you .These trainers are the biggest losers in life and bunch of uneducated trainers who because they cant become anything else in life became trainers and take out all their frustration on members who train on their own.Trainers are really really really bad no words to describe their dirtiness.

  147. amar says:

    talwalkars = aunties and old people
    golds gym = young people

  148. aliah says:

    worst of the talwalkars branches are in mumbai such low level low caste trainers are employed over here you cant imagine,trainers are directly imported from villages.very very disappointed joining this third rate gym .never join this shitty gym bloody waste of money.frustrated trainers will make your life a living hell.fucking dehatis and ghatis chuts trainers rip motherfuckers.

  149. iyer says:

    At my gym the trainers feel bad if a members body is better than theirs and then try to pull him down by passing nasty comments.If you keep your and head down and work out ignoring them they pass comments saying that you have a attitude problem :classic talwalkars:

  150. mandar says:

    If you are planning to join talwalkars at Thane West do not join the Eden Woods branch.it has the smallest free weights area.Its so small that it feels like a crowded train even if there are only 8 people.And the biggest negative aspect about this branch is that the trainers here are ill behaved.So please learn from my personal experience and dont join this branch.It may be the worst Talwalkars branch of all time.

  151. max says:

    Yes they do thhink customer is an ass,we are asses to go to such a third rate gym.And if i ever get a chance i will really put the trainers in their right place where they belong but i prefer not to stoop to their filthy levels.

  152. sachin says:

    At talwalkars there are too many trainers at any given point as compared to the people working out.

  153. sanket says:

    Worst gym ever has to be Talwalkars Eden Woods Thane West
    1.Worst trainers ever not all of them but most of them.Pass shitty comments and try to bully you into buying supplements.
    2.Management sucks.
    3 Small gym.It has the smallest workout area of all gyms its 10 feet long and 7 feet wide.such a small gym that its cramped for room most of the time.
    4 Steam is non functional half the time.
    5.Inspite of the above said plus points this crappy gym charges more membership fees as compared to other branches.
    6.Should change your name from Talwlakars health republic to Talwlakars **** Gym.
    7.Female members are teased.
    8 Trainers have fights with people every other day.
    Any one out there planning to join Talwalkars beware of these scam artists they only want your money nothing else.The trainers sunil,sameer,amjad and vishal are a frustrated bunch of whores who are mentally retarded,they pass comments loud enough that that you can hear,try to bully you into buying supplements,give you wrong advice and all big loosers who think that this gym is their fathers property.These people try to ruin the gym experience by behaving badly ,REST IN PEACE CRAPPY TALWALKARS.

  154. Sofia Swift says:

    kpowerinfinity.wordpress.com’s done it again. Superb article.

  155. Kavitha says:

    paying so much money going to talwalkars and facing such kind of filthy attitude it really really not worth it.

    To all the future talwalkars members KINDLY DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM YOU WILL SURELY REGRET IT.join a gym where there there are no or few personal trainers.

  156. amrish says:


  157. roopa says:

    worst gym

  158. asin says:

    gay gym for gay people

  159. anil says:

    Ya too many old and middle aged people come to talwalkars ,past their prime and nearing death :)
    trying hard to extend their lifespan but only succeed in irritating others.


  160. rshkhn says:

    worst gym ever,bloody more trainers than members in the gym,when they have no members of their own the only thing they can do is tease people and fight with people.looooooser gym

  161. krishnan says:

    gym full of old dying peoople and rowdy trainers.bogus gym no 1.

  162. lalita says:

    ur article made a good reading.. i agree too tht some gyms r pathetic.. but her e i wd like to say that the Talwalkar’s in vizag is really good and maintained well and the personal trainers are awesome… the equipments are well maintained and ther is generally a well behaved crowd that comes …ys as someone above commented… mostly its the middle aged or the old who visit this gym.. however its good….

  163. kartik says:

    worst thing about this gym is that is has abusive trainers.

  164. ram says:

    thinking of joining at talwalkars jp nagar branch B lore……how abt it???? any sugg folks!!!!!

    • vrkumar says:

      Try to understand the scientificity and professionalism of modern fitness centres when you walk-in. Don’t get fooled by fitness myths or fitness gimmicks. Not all the modern fitness centres contain a strong scientific committee to render professional justice to all the members. It’s true that we get enticed by colorful words spoken when we take the membership and join a gym, that doesn’t live up to the promises made for us. It’s because, in this modern era, not only in the fitness centres but in many sectors, after getting a job, the employees forget what they had oathed in their resumes and job applications. But there will be at least one or two persons in the team (either a Physiotherapist, certified fitness professional or nutritionist) will be strong and dedicated, whom you easily can figure out during the walk-in encounter itself. They can take care of your fitness and health. Go ahead as per your intuition. Intuition is clearer and louder than any other voices.

      Physio cum certified exercise program designer (CHEK institute, USA)

    • Avinash says:

      Mr.Ram…my suggestion to you is….DON’T!!! look for the many other good ones around…they are mushrooming all over. Good luck!

  165. lalita says:

    is ther a terminology as “scientificity”???? wasn’t aware of it …

  166. naina says:

    I am a member of Talwalkars gym at the Andheri Kurla branch, and have held membership there for almost a year now. I have found that there are a number of extremely distasteful practices being carried out on a daily basis:

    1. The constant and very rude interruption of a person’s exercise routine by the female trainers IN PARTICULAR.

    2. The burning of incense INDOORS- in a closed building where there is NO ventilation. It is one thing to have religious practices, but it is another thing to jeopardize the health of all the customers in the name of religion. Any person with the most basic education will know that having a burning object in a closed space depletes the oxygen levels in a place- rapidly. And to be doing this in a place where people’s bodies are struggling to absorb as much oxygen as possible! They might as well allow smoking at the gym! Ridiculous.

    3. Harassment by trainers. I understand that this establishment is a business. The same reason why I pay membership fees- so that I can exercise on the machines. I refuse to have an obese woman who can hardly even run for three minutes at a steady pace tell me, a highly conscientious person who has been exercising regularly, following a strict regiment for many years now, that I am ONLY ALLOWED TO USE THE MACHINES FOR SEVEN MINUTES! AND that I should not exercise for over forty minutes! If I were a professional athlete running marathons or triathlons would this be the same treatment I would receive?

    I have found that the trainers at the gym have NO knowledge whatsoever about fitness and their only purpose is to ensure that each person is using each machine only for a specific duration. Did I mistakenly enroll at an amusement park? Because I thought Essel World was off the coast of Borivali!

    I have paid for fitness. And if it is not possible for them to meet my fitness needs, don’t you think they should allow me to take my money and have them met somewhere else? I have written to them before, personally to the manager of the branch.
    However, my complaints fell on deaf ears. The (female) trainers persist in harassing me, resetting the machines while I am in the middle of a heated exercising routine, and order me around.
    I have tried to make it clear to them- THEY ARE NOT DOING ME A FAVOR. I paid to use the machines and I will use them.

    If there are too many people at the gym, they should make adjustments instead of rudely commanding the customers to rearrange their schedule to suit them! The ROLE of a business, as you would know being a manager, is to MEET A CUSTOMER NEED. Not to take people’s money and then be completely flaccid, impotent and unable to satisfy that very need.

    I gave them the following suggestions several times- they should either open the gym earlier in the morning, or buy more equipment. Why do they continuously accept more members than they have the capacity to cater to? WHY should I put my needs aside just because the gym has taken so many new members? Am I not paying for the same services? If they are willing to pocket large amounts of membership fees the least they can do is buy new equipment WITH it.

    I am extremely disgusted with the trainers and their rude, abrasive way of treating the customers. And being harassed day after day after day because I am not following some ridiculous “fitness” program designed for someone who can’t even walk for seven minutes. I pay to exercise, not to be dictated to by the most inept, ignorant and shockingly UNFIT people.

  167. krish says:

    Bloody chop talwarkar’s balls using talwar.

  168. vrkumar says:

    The whole idea of this corner is to criticize an organization that’s not living up to the promises or justify if its worth. Not the english flaws. Anyway I should make you clear that a word ‘Scientificity’ exists ( it means ‘quality or state of being scientific).

  169. rameshk says:

    Sitting and ranting about this bloody stupid gym does not help.
    They are still doing good business and making new members fools by offering them yearly membership and then making them quit by behaving badly.talwalkars sucks, but this blog doesnt serve because talwalkars business remains same as before.

  170. rameshk says:

    fucking dumwitted trainers go fuck yourselves.

  171. dinesh says:

    trainers sameer and vishal at talwalkar eden woods abuse people in marathi language.bloody monkeys

  172. krishnan says:

    dont ever give them your mobile number these people keep spamming your mobile with promotional sms,s.

  173. anil says:

    gay gym for gay people

  174. abhijeet says:

    The andheri branch lacks professionalism. Now there is total chaos going on since some wrk in going on but earlier when no work was going on the gym was pathetic. Trainer like Manoj are a disgrace to any gym. There was lot of politics going on inside the gym, and trainers were always fighting with each other. They never paid attention to how the members did their work out, they just were bothered about their PEP’s. Earlier they had poor admin ppl like Ravi Singh, Vikrant Khanolkar etc. Now also they have poor dieticians like Asha and weak floor incharge like Prasad. The WORST of the lot is trainer MANOJ. He is just a stupid flirt who should have been sacked long back.

    The atmosphere is further polluted by a gang of Punjabi members which is headed by Gurleen Chopra. Thanks to her and some of her friends like Shankar the gym looks like a fish market. Any girl with little bit intelligence should stay away from this gym for her on safety, cause a lot of dirty womanizers and pimp like people are members here!!

    Andheri Talwalkars

  175. Lakshmi says:

    Its true that Talwalkars doesn’t able to perform as it promises. Many branded gyms except few like primal patterns of Mr.Basu, Chennai, are not able to get good trainers and scientific team. Their trainers are not even knowing better than their customers. It is high time, to secure their brand name, all such gyms must get well groomed/ groomable persons not from slums. Trainers must know that their role is not only becoming personal trainers and make money, but there are so many things to learn and render justice to the customers and their profession. Come on guys, remember not to be so avaricious to take out the all the golden eggs from the duck, then you will be nowhere. Customers can’t be made fools forever.

  176. Szar says:

    I just saw the sp. disc. offer advert on TV, and decided to check out the rates, and thus stumbled on this. I earlier lived in Pune (late 90’s), and was going to join that Camp branch which had just opened. A day or so before i was to join, there was a news article about one of the founder directors of Talwalkars dying at the age of 50. I don’t remember the exact details, but it was of an apparent heart attack. It was pretty ironic that a fitness guy takes a dive at that age, and took that as an omen, that too much exercise is not good!
    Besides, i heard heard of many other stories of people dying on the treadmill, and even on the stress test heart machine.
    But cynicism & laziness aside, i didn’t exercise for the next decade. I only started in 2009 because of pre-diabetes and fatty liver.
    It would have been better if i had joined a gym, some exercise is better than no exercise.
    I was adamant however, and didn’t join a gym, and started walking and more imp, eating well. And after i lost substantial kilos i started weights.

    I calculated how much it would cost me for two years. and invested 1/3 of that money in my own equipment like Dumbells, bench, (and the Exercise band – red blue, etc, are the best investment at 375/- rs.)
    I lost 20 kilos or more.. and look better.. and my friends say that i have better knowledge than their trainers.. (courtesy internet.)
    In place of the treadmill, i go to a local municipal garden, and have bought a second hand Hero jogger for the rains.
    Of course, i am blessed with spare office space.
    I just read all the comments, and thought i should share this bit of trivia… I have no grouse against the Tal gym. But I am seriously worried about the trainer issue. I can imagine that happening, because once you work out and have all that testosterone moving about, you can be a jerk.
    SO i do suggest taking on the bully trainers, dont be embarrassed or afraid. That guy may lose his job!

    The point is, a gym may be better if you have no idea about muscle mechanics, because you can badly injure yourself if you don’t. Thats a worse case scenario.
    I would suggest patronizing a smaller local gym, and supplement the knowledge of the trainer by reading up on your own. Very good books and materials are available. Keep it simple, mix up routines to break monotony, but do it regularly.
    I am 41 years old now. I learned the hard way to speak softly and carry a big stick. I agree with some of the comments, don’t be abusive. but take the trainers to task. That way you help others too, and break their monopoly. Foul words are a good vent, but useless against the bad guys cause they are probably used to it. What they are not used to is reverse bullying. They have no idea how to react when someone stands up to them.
    And never back down… against bullies, and your health issues.


  177. Worried & relived says:

    The above one is a Long post, but Useful read.

  178. Authentic says:

    This is about Basaveshwaranagar branch of Talwalkars. I would sincerely suggest from the bottom of my heart, at this stage, please don’t choose this branch. In fact except, Ms.Vimala, Mr.Pasha (senior manager), Mr.Vinodh, Mr.Kiran (Manager-sadhasivanagar), Mr.Raghib and very few trainers, I have not seen anyone passionate about rendering justice to their customers. The rest of them are simply greedy.

    1. Don’t send your daughter or wife. Even if you are sending them to the gym, try to avoid personal training. The personal trainers over here will have a nice elaborate chat during the training session with them and try to seduce them in the name of massage at the end of every training session for 5 minutes that too in front of all the customers.

    2. Except one or two, the personal trainers are not qualified but constantly fight among themselves for their personal training allotments. In fact, I have understood I know much better than their trainers. They are going to show no difference in their training repeating the same workouts again and again. Even I am aware of many techniques learnt through magazines and internet. (I am planning to set up a small gym with dumbbells & resistance tubes, in my home itself for myself, that is the safest I believe.)I have many times seen this ugly group of people fighting among themselves in the front desk, heard about a male staff snatching very costly gold chain from another female staff.

    3. If you want to spoil your health, wealth, wife or daughter, please go ahead and become a member of this ugliest branch which is composed of wicked females and rogue males.

    With tears…

  179. Raja says:

    Burn together all those 10th and p.u.c passed bastards into ashes, working in fitness industry like talwalkars who are reluctant to learn simple basics of human body. These bastards tend to form a group and affect the reputation of highly educated fitness specialists also. Since these hooligans are in majority, they are showing upperhands now and I am sure soon they get expunged from the fitness industry. Then customers like us get professional justice. We must only depend on highly qualified Physios and certified fitness professionals in the gym.

  180. julie says:

    u r right .should kick these bastards off.i was having similar experience with them at mumbai.

  181. Vishesh says:

    I became a member of talwarkar here in ahmedabad, in paldi branch back in january. I used the services for two days and paid 13000 for year. My job transferred to the place where i dont have talwarkar branch. I tried to resolve dispute of said fees and was asked to find somebody to use my membership. I have nobody who could use the services. I contacted them after six monthhs explainig the concern and ask for refund. These people do not respect customer and their money neither the limitation. This is a good way of making customer loose loyalty if there is any. They have still not resolved my issue and haven refund me a single penny. 13000 is not a small amount and all of you would agree to that. What would you do in such situation? Aren’t they suppose to refund the money? Give your take on this….i find it noting but ridiculous.Just be careful when you negotiate with them.

    I have sent them 10 emails including their corporate office and have visited the branch office a few times whenever i have got chance and in town

  182. Richie says:

    There is no head office and branch concept here, because their business model is based on franchising, from what is I see on the company website. Hence Sadashivanagar franchise will hardly care about rates set by other branches because each would be owned and operated by a different individual.

  183. khanz says:

    Another feather in Talwalkars cap news in todays times of india

    NAVI MUMBAI: A 53-year-old member of a popular gymnasium in Vashi, Sector 17, was assaulted following a petty argument over lowering the volume of music being played there.

    The victim, Kim Singh, who runs a mobile application online portal, has lodged a non-cognizable complaint against the gym owner, Vishwas Shinde.

    Singh said he sustained injuries in his eye and left ear after being beaten up in the lobby of Talwalkar’s gym on the night of March 17. “While I was exercising at the gym, I requested the in-house DJ to reduce the music’s volume. He did not do so despite several requests,” said Singh. He added that out of irritation, he threw water on the DJ’s face and asked him “to cool down”. This led to physical assault by Shinde and his aides, he said.

    Shinde said, “Singh has often troubled gym employees and other members. On Thursday night, Singh threw water on the expensive music system in our gym.” He added that the damaged music system and DJ’s equipment were worth Rs 1.5 lakh. “I did not hit Singh as severely as is being made out by him,” he said. “He readily signed a statement, promising to pay for damages,” Shinde said.

    “I was forced to sign the statement at the gym,” said Singh.

    Satish Jadhav Singh has often troubled gym employees and members. On Thursday, he threw water on the expensive music system in our gym.

  184. Trust me says:

    Can you point out just one ‘professional fitness trainer’ in this country? Believe me, all are ‘quacks’ except extremely few trainers who have done something beyond ACE. So, for now, let us stop expecting big things from Indian fitness industry.

  185. poornima says:

    I agree we can’t find trainers who are professional. I have used various fitness clubs in India and surprised to see fitness trainers in the re-incarnated form popular rogues who died in police encounters.

  186. Vijay says:

    Surprised to see all these comments. I am always very comfortable @ Talwalkars.

    • Avinash says:

      You ‘Vijay’ are a sissy Paki ISI agent who needs to be kicked to Guantanamo Bay for further ‘treatment’ to side with these cowardly jerks.

  187. Ramanathan says:

    Is this way Talwalkars work or is there something erroneous
    I am Dr.Ramanathan jayaraman MD, a blood and cancer specialist with more than 20 years experience in the field , who was lured by the brand “ Talwalkars” and joined a branch of this brand at T.Nagar ,Chennai on 18th Nov 2011. I paid my annual fee of Rs. 12 , 500 by credit card and began my work outs there. I was happy that a knowledgeable instructor gave a list of exercises and assured me that a trainer will guide me through these. An option of personal trainer was given to me which I declined as I cannot have fixed schedule becauseof the nature of my work. I was asked to give a photograph of mine for an identity card . I began my workouts there and soon errors here began to surface.
    The first battle was for the receipt for my payment. At all places the receipt for payment is issued immediately. When I asked for it that they said that it will come from their local office. Then it was said that it will come from their Head office. Excuses like these were said time & again . My patience was lost when 3 months had been lost. When I blew my top on one morning, the next day I was produced with receipt with 4 more names and for a different amount than the one I had paid. I was shocked. I refused to accept and wanted for the amount that I had paid. After a stiff battle , two weeks later , I got the receipt and the front desk guy had the cheek to ask whether I have to show this get a reimbursement / sponsor. Who the hell is he to ask me such a question and what business was his to ask such a question. I have paid their fee and it is their duty to give receipt , period
    Second irregularity is that till date , that is 7 months from the time I have joined, I have not been issued an identity card. They say it has to come from the head office and it has not come. I don’t know what is the worth of this card but whatever be its worth , it should be issued. Every reputable gym issues one .
    The third aspect is about the provision of trainers. I think there is some sort organized wrong doing going on here. I was assured when I joined that adequate number of trainers will be present on the floor , who will guide and aid me for workouts. This is not true. In past 7 months personal trainers have been appointed in bountiful. Existing common trainers get converted to personal ones and NO new common trainers have been appointed . I do not need a personal trainer or somebody to chaperon me. It is not that I cannot afford a personal trainer. As said before my nature of work prevents me to stick to particular time and I do not like somebody waiting upon me. Once I have been detailed a workout , I usually do not seek anybody ‘s help. When workouts are changed or I need guidance I wish somebody on the floor. There is Just one trainer around and he simply cannot handle a whole lot of guys who do not have a personal trainers.
    I think the management here is creating a situation where one is pushed to have a personal trainer. There is a lot of money involved here and in a place where receipts are issued only on gunpoint , so to say , I wonder , if there is racket to swindle people of their money and rob reputation of Talwalkars.
    I hope Talwalkars cares for its name and its customers

    Sincerely Yours
    Dr.Ramanathan Jayaraman MD

  188. mohitgj17 says:

    Hi, i was googling out the number for the talwarkars sadashivnagar branch and came across this blog.This blog was written way back in 2007; my point here is the conditions at talwarkars sadashivnagar branch are still the same?? or have they changed over time positively ?? Does any one have the updated view??

  189. bharathh says:

    Hey Guys Great Work. I am with you as far as talwarkars issue is concerned. One must go to consumer forum to teach them a lesson.

    I see a lot of racist comments on this thread targeting a “bad trainer” as a “scheduled caste”.

    I assume, Most of you commenting here are a educated. This makes me feel as if anything in this country will ever change?

    I am from a so called “high cast” in India. What is caste to do with the issue at hand?

    Our country is inherently divided over caste for many many years know. Our development is at stake, we have caste politics, caste itself breeds nepotism, caste creates unequal opportunities, caste infuses a lot of superstitious elements in the name of religion, Caste is another name for religious corruption. I am happy to have born in my caste. It is just an identification thats it period

    Our constitution provides equal opportunity irrespective of race color gender.

    Hope i made some sense.

  190. venugopal rao says:

    “”I am from a so called “high cast” in India. What is caste to do with the issue at hand?””

    You have answered your own question you FOOLish racist.

  191. Suresh says:

    Finally how to put an end to this robbery??? Let us save some people and their money.

  192. abhishek jain says:

    send me recently

  193. rituraj madani says:

    Talwalkars eden woods thane west branch is the worst branch of talwalkars.worst gym ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. mirror image says:

    Leacherous trainers

  195. TBVF says:

    Phoolan devi – VidayS

  196. Ramnath says:

    Fitness centres are now safehaven for imbecile illiterates & desperados.

  197. arti says:

    i have registered my self (Rs.11000) for one year at RAJKOT branch, as i found
    breathing problem due to exercise within 3 months,,,
    i have requested them to discontinue my membership and give some amount back. i have produced my physician’s certificate and mailed to talwalkar’s too. but they are not at all responding.
    I am very disappointed with this.

  198. prashad says:

    Got to know from their staff, Most clubs r headed by immoral females. Talwalkars = unholiness!

  199. Munaf says:

    I think this guyz are the world’s funniest managment.

  200. Anisha says:

    Very well written
    They are cheaters!!!
    Big time
    I too had a pathetically bad experience wid them.
    I had taken a membership of 3months!
    I went to d gym fr 1 month bt some unavoidable circumstances rose in my life due to which i had to freeze my membership!
    I told the guy at the front desk to freeze my membrship.
    Now when i have resumed my membrshp d managers (new , actually everyweek ders a new manager in the gk2 delhi branch!) who says my membership has expired and said that der is no system of getting d account freezed and d guy who had assured me that i cld resume wenever i wantd has point blankly said dat he had nvr told me anything like that!

    Its very surprising and shocking that now the gym guys are saying that dey wld give me only 1 month instead of 2, and would GIVE ME AN EXTRA MONTH IF I TAKE AN YEARLY MEMBERSHIP!
    i told them that i would drag them to CONSUMER COURT N DEY WERE LIKE DO WHATEVER U WNA
    And tried to prove that i was lying!
    I STRONGLY Recommend all the readers NOT TO JOIN TALWALKARS!

  201. Rama K says:

    Various complaints of mine also went into their defective ears. Their management officials never spit out the shit from their mouth and speak to loyal members like us.

  202. krishna says:

    Lazy chief proprietor, females reaching higher position in the organization bedding with proprietor, superidiotic HR, office money-stealing good-for-nothing senior officials, futureless employees and gullible customers……This is short and complete review about talwalkers :-(

  203. Shankar says:

    For spirituality,’NITHYA’NANDHA & Co’. For Talwalkars,’VIDYA’NANDHA & Co’. Folks, don’t join talwalkars either as customer or staff. What krishna has written here is 100% true.

  204. alan says:

    Hi All,

    I want to ask one thing… why u need gym?
    you have lots of work for lossing weight and callories, if u doin job or buisness, u need not go to gym.

    u all seems to be fool guys why u wastes money for this stupid gyms

  205. gopal says:

    All well educated men and women are in the traps of gyms. Can’t they recognize by seeing the face of their trainers that they are so substandard in behaviors and skills? Hey, what are you all expecting from all these rascals and pimps? Do you think these people can understand your body and give you weight loss or health? I was shocked when I asked with the doubt about the qualifications of their trainers that range from 8th class to 12th class (mostly discontinued cases). Foolishly, some women also get attracted to the muscles of these rascals that is leading to premarital or extramarital sexual relationship, sometimes damage to their whole life. These kinds of gyms are just ‘prostitution clubs’ in disguise and it won’t change forever. Unsafe! Unsafe! Unsafe! Don’t join gyms, particularly bogus: 1 Talwalkars. As a sample, to acknowledge all these facts and know how all these pimps, rascals and bitches work in gyms, do visit one of their branches “B” in Bangalore.

  206. Ji says:

    lady customers of this club! don’t your hubby gives you orgasm???? You show strong desire getting massaged by personal instructors that too publicly. LOL

  207. Niru says:

    Take out that ‘spreading fitness’ bcoz ‘Spreading illness’ is apt caption for you.

  208. senthilnathan says:

    does anyone know abt the gym in chennai branches .hw is it?

  209. bhaskr says:

    Jaw spoiled many trainers life.

  210. bgadh says:

    Jaw spoil many trainers life.

  211. PG says:

    Dhoni sets up 200 gyms pan India. Talwalkers and other fake brand gyms will be no where. Its right time talwalkrs they change their branches into ‘reduce’ tiffin centres.

  212. babita dhariwal says:

    the talwarkarsalipore branch in kolkota is one of the worst managed gym they manage for eg in the changing room fans are falling on peoiple’s head everytime you use a tiolet you have to flush it with a help of the thread the managers have affairs with the head staff ensuring that they don’t leave in exchange the floor manager bosses around and misuses the power by watching tele serials and using facebook facilities at the peak hour and if some cutomer notice and point it to the head manager during her renewal she is refused saying that she has insulted the massage lady by suggesting her massage is not that grt and she has not kept her shoes in order in an already clumsy room where room is only littered with everybody s shoes and bags and has a pungent odour all over the place the tiolet and the shower areas are commonly used by the staff and the gym customers and noi hygiene level is maintained and you have nowhere to complian even the mumbai branch head mr girsh naik can’t help you the owner of the gym god knows which land he is living is not at al lapproachable……………………

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