The Cafe at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore and the number 13

I saw Let’s Have Sex by Vladimir Krasnogorov performed by Workshop Productions today at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore. While the play will not find its way into my spaces blog, it was my first visit to af Bangalore, and I liked the place. What really piqued me was the cafe. There was a strange mathematical irony (or perhaps creativity!) because almost everything seemed to be priced at Rs. 13. Obviously, Nobody there suffers from triskaidekaphobia. However, looks like the architect of the place was cut short of using his math-creativity fully. The samosa stood out as an eye-sore at Rs. 8 and tea (2 cups) was disappointingly priced at Rs. 14 (how could they break the symmetry?!).

Gave me an idea. Imagine, a row of gourmet items all priced at Rs. 13. Of course, there are 13 items. The cafe-owner could very conveniently hang a large board with multiplication tables of 13 to aid the customers (the clincher!).

Cafe 13, or perhaps to make it even more mathematically esoteric, Cafe E.

[I am not the lone lover of symmetry. Looks like very much a geek thing. People have done it with far more disastrous consequences. Damn, if I knew how to draw cartoons!]


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7 Responses to The Cafe at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore and the number 13

  1. Haas says:

    Watch “The Number 23” and see how crazy that is :P

  2. @hash: 13 -> 23. I am already thinking ahead about 33.

  3. puresunshine says:

    Ha ha! fun post! A pattern i have observed, even in the ghazal post, u wrote more about the food n frills than the show. Here too! :)

  4. Sunny says:

    The biggest coup would have been if he’d have been able to get his phone number to be T-H-I-R-T-E-E-N (84478336) :-)

  5. @puresunshine: Well, we live for the food and the frills. Isn’t that called living life for the love of it?

    @sunny: Trust you to come up with this. :D

  6. No !dea says:

    Why Cafe-E? Shouldn’t it be Cafe B or Cafe M?

  7. @no !idea: It should have been D. Think Hex. Had been hoping somebody would catch the mistake! I’ll just give it away.

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