How to deal with Telemarketers

As the commentators often say in Cricket, the best defense is an attacking game:

My phone has a voice recorder .. hmmm

[Thanks for Nitzee for the tip!]

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7 Responses to How to deal with Telemarketers

  1. Nova says:

    Hahahaha… :D

  2. Suchintya says:

    Hahahahahaha… I loved it!!!

  3. Akshit says:

    hahahaha … i am actually looking forward to that Airtel call now … :D

  4. Robin Anil says:

    This is 2 Fish :D

    “too maach”

  5. Gopal says:


  6. @Robin: Bugger, if you repeat such PJs, I’m gonna kill you. Ha ha ha hahahahahahha!! Have a good time at home. Keep away from the net ;-)

  7. puresunshine says:

    hahahahahahahah! funny! i shud try that next time these bankers call! good fun! but they will be too dumb!!

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