Which part of the brain do you use?

I usually hardly ever go to try such surveys, but this was intriguing. Look at the picture below and see if the dancer is moving clockwise or counter-clockwise. If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa. Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.


Left Brain Functions Right Brain Functions
uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies
uses feeling
“big picture” oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can “get it” (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking


I almost always see it as clockwise! What do you see?

The original article appeared at: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,22556281-661,00.html. Thanks to Anupam for the tip.


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33 Responses to Which part of the brain do you use?

  1. Amyth says:

    I could see it clock-wise.. In fact, I am trying to get myself to see it anti-clockwise..! :P..

  2. ish says:

    First time I saw it I thought it was clockwise. But now it seems anti-clockwise and how much I may try, I can’t seem to make it clockwise back again. This is scary!

  3. chintan says:

    Hey .. I also can see it clockwise. Whats the reason behind it ? I am born Left handed so is that a reason ?

  4. debnath says:

    I see it both…interesting fact, concentrate on the legs :P, then you can almost chose which way you want to see it rotate.
    In fact, you can see it switch!!

  5. Very Interesting! I could see it both ways.. probably it depends on the point of reference. Move your eyes somewhere else for random time and see it again..you may see it moving in opposite direction. At least for me, that’s the case.

  6. Aashu says:

    Somethign weird happened!..I saw it going anticlockwise, looked away for a bit to look at some code and then when I got back to it, it was going clockwise . . I wonder if I can make it go back to anticlockwise. . . oh crap!!..I cant!!!

  7. Nova says:

    I saw it ONLY anti-clockwise… now matter how hard i tried… i just could not see this moving in any other direction… this is crazy!!!!!

    Its scary too.. I had taken a test some time back and it said, i use 58% of my right brain… now, according to this m left brainy… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  8. Nova says:

    Oh My godd!!!!!!! This is like changing the very PREMISES of my existence… Its doubting my existence!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anupam says:

    How to conquer the dancer

    No need to go crazy, get scared, or doubt your existence. You can make the dancer go the way you wish in a jiffy!

    Here’s how:

    First of all, stop staring at the body people! That’s not gonna help you. Start with the foot of her axial leg, and focus on her ankle. Try to visualize the ankle such that it appears to be facing you. Soon you’ll see the paw (which is away from you) doing an oscillatory motion. For those who get distracted by the rest of her body, try covering her body so that you see only the foot of the axial leg. Try to see if you can visualize the oscillation. Left-right-left-right. If you’ve got this part right, the rest is a breeze.

    You want the girl to do an anticlockwise? Wait till her paw reaches the extreme left and starts coming back (doing and anticlockwise spin) and this time you shift your focus to her body(for those covering her body, remove the cover), and lo! the momentum sweeps her in an anticlockwise direction!
    Do the opposite if you have never gotten yourself to see her dance clockwise.

    With a little practice, she will instantly sway to your will!

  10. Anand says:

    Howsoever hard I tried, I could only manage clockwise.

  11. Sona Agrawal says:

    Even I can see both clockwise and anticlockwise – able to change the direction whenever I want.

  12. puresunshine says:

    I could only see it anti-clockwise! Any number of times! No wonder im weak at math and science! sheesh!

  13. harre says:

    I can see both, but i cant choose which one i want to see. The first time it switched from anti-clockwise was completely random, then it randomly switched back to it. The next time it switched i concentrated on the foot and decided it was clockwise, only displaying the foot. I then scrolled up and clockwise she was. I haven’t been able to get back the anti-clockwise again

  14. harre says:

    Woohoo, now I can switch

  15. @harre: Welcome here. Keep coming back!

  16. mbchandar says:

    i tried …i unable to switch :(

  17. SeveFanClub says:

    @ Anupam explanation: what is “paw”?

  18. mindmaster says:

    i can change it every time i blink… ha

  19. Hari says:

    Simple folks. If you imagine…

    right leg up – she turns clockwise

    left leg up – she turns anticlockwise

    End of game. :)

  20. Telma says:

    I see it aint-clockwise! is that normal? i use the left side of my brain the most :S

  21. Telma says:

    heeeeeeey i can see both now yay!

  22. Ramon17yrs says:

    I contemplated this one for a while, the reason it’s so easy for the image to make you see it one way or the other, is because the shadow never changes size or shape, and it only moves from left to right, this is where it loses you, if you try to figure out which leg she is moving (left or right), it switches on you also, imagine if the animated dancer was 3d, when the foot that she has in the air is closest to you and when it is farther from you, the foot is the same size and you only see something like a filled in 8, now that I’ve noticed these things, it doesn’t make a full spin either way, it goes a half spin and then changes direction, it’s really making me think, it’s as if the image is being translated across an axis I don’t know how to explain it, think of the whole dancer only spinning from degree 0 to 180, and it’s next to a reflection, when the foot is lined up with the shin, you start seeing the reflection, but not the foot, but you only see the foot or the reflection, never both at the same time

  23. James says:

    For the longest time it was going anti-clockwise. Then I unfocused my eyes on the picture, and sort of looked don’t look at the legs. They were still going anti-clockwise. But I imagined them swinging back and forth instead of circling. Then there was a feeling like a switch tripping in my head and sure enought she was spinning clockwise. I think the catch is to see the movement as two dimensional rather than three. Then you should be able to change the directiion. It’s very difficult for me to make it move clockwise, and very easy for it to shift anti-clockwise. Which is interesting since I love reading fantasy novels and enjoy playing D&D. But then it might be explained by the fact that I started out left handed and the nun’s in school would only allow me to write with my right hand. Or it just might mean that I’m crazy. Or maybe both. Hahahaha!

  24. prisscilla says:

    Check this out. You can actually easily reverse it yourself using your arm and finger. Try changing the position by making a cycling motion of your finger clockwise when you want to change the motion clockwise and counter clockwise if you want to change in that direction. So what am I now? Left or Right brain user?

  25. Carlos says:

    Admit your reality people, don’t cheat, counter-clockwise.

    • Jen says:

      I can see it clockwise at first and then I can see it counter-clockwise. YAY!

    • Spyware says:

      lmaO, really take time and watch it carefully, it does swap direction, it stops for a while then take the opposite direction. I’m wondering whether that thing is tricked o.0

  26. nash says:

    i also can see it clockwise at first and then counter-clockwise too.

  27. nash says:

    i also can see clockwise at first and then counter-clockwise too.

  28. Arvind Kulashri says:

    I can see it rotating clockwise… but can see it anticlockwise only after concentrating to legs with eyes closed for 5 seconds

  29. Frida says:

    At first it was anti clockwise and I was actually kind of proud of it. Then I looked at the legs and managed to switch it. Now I forgot how I did it and it only goes clockwise.

  30. Spyware says:

    I first saw it clockwise, then out of the blue it was anti-clockwise. Got my attention out of it, and got back to it, it was clockwise, i focused and finally saw the switch between clockwise and anti-clockwise. Love that thing :P

  31. Selena says:

    When I’m reading the article I would look at the word “clockwise” and immediately it was moving clockwise. Then when I looked at the word anti-clockwise it switched.. Now I can switch easily back and forth.

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