Missing Feeling

So, I have been feeling low for awhile and I figured that the single biggest thing I miss right now is the feeling of Durga Puja. Having grown up in laid back Calcutta, with a heavy dose of vacations and dollops of Pujo during this season. Have had my share of fun in the Navratri — from getting sloshed to fun dandiya nights. However, it still doesn’t feel complete. Somehow, there is a large missing entity in the equation, and things just don’t add equally up on both sides.

I think what separates Calcutta during this time from the rest of the country is that Puja is just not a festival you enjoy, not just another set of rituals you observe, not just a holiday you chill out on, not just old relatives you don’t meet the rest of the year — Puja is a way of life. It’s all pervasive — it’s in the air, the crowded streets, the blaring music, the glittering lights, the all-night food stalls selling egg chow-mein, in the new clothes, bedecked women, and kurta-clad men, in the silent corridors of power and the menagerie therein, in the adda sessions and the ogling and the swooning, in the temples and outside, in the priest and even the atheist (holiday, after all!), in the closed offices and annual bonuses, in the pandals and new-yet-worn-out sandals, in anticipation of new things and frustrations of those over-used, in the sparkle of people’s eyes, in their troubles and smiles. It’s just one heady feeling — when the world around you is caught in a time-warp, when nothing else matters but Puja.

I am guessing I am missing that feeling right now. There is fun and there is work and both might overlap, but there is no single event that completely captures all your imagination, your thinking, your whole existence for a period of four days. It’s like being in love just enough.

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5 Responses to Missing Feeling

  1. debnath says:

    well written!! very well written!!

  2. Sandeep says:

    Hmm…..i had a nice ashtami (considering its chennai!) though…went to this pandal on the beach….ogled at good old dusky bengali babes…bought an “anand bazar patrika” and a bengali Tintin from the ABP stall, had jarda pan, danced to kajra re…in all a very bengali puja for me…

  3. Nova says:

    I know that feeling!!! Been missing Garba myself :(

  4. Sona says:

    I am missing it too!!!!! :-(…in fact I am missing all the festivities….

  5. puresunshine says:

    ABP stall! Hmm. Well actually this year ABP hosted over 50 pujas across Calcutta. One big sponsor! My friends, journalists, and me were just talking about it, whether its “our” puja or TOI! lolz! This year, the pujas were good. I didnt see as much as last year, but nonetheless it was nice. There is something in the air, one can smell the pujas in the air!

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