Little things that make Geeks happy

By nature, Geeks are a species very easy to satisfy. They don’t require elaborate arrangements, expensive dinners, long rides — its the small and the simple that excite us, and enthuse us.

One of the things that really excited me was getting a new email id – This is a part of the CoolHotmail service that Microsoft has launched in India — and lets you create email ids in fun domains. After deliberating for a long time whether I should get, or, or, I finally settled on ClickAss. And as soon as I describe it to my friends, we all break into instant laughter — geek connection. Click Ass! (Check their new Viral)

Another thing obviously is things that work. iPhone. One of my friends recently got an iPhone, and trust me, that is called beauty unparalleled. Aishwarya Rai and iPhone and I will choose iPhone any day. Other smaller things are also cool — like the new linked ids in Windows Live. I have multiple Live accounts, and it was always a pain to switch — and Live has not made it a cakewalk. It’s a little like Yahoo! with its small business offering, but far more flexible. I hope Google switches it — and then life will become a lot easier.

And then, of course, reading something completely ludicrous and hilarious. That just makes your day — for example sample this: (from The Hindu)

There is also another connection between the moon and China. In the 1970s, a crater on the moon was named after a Chinese stargazer, Wan Hu, who is said to be the first astronaut in human history. Legend says about 600 years ago, around the middle of the Ming Dynasty, Wan Hu, a local government official, tried to fly into space with the help of a chair, two big kites and 47 self-made gunpowder-filled rockets. According to the legend, after the rockets were lit there was a huge bang and a lot of smoke. When the smoke cleared, Wan was nowhere to be found.

Nothing, of course, can equal being interviewed yourself — that too by a NY Times journalist. That was yesterday — about life at IIT, how I got in, what I did there, what are the advantages of studying there and so on. Funnily enough, geekiness took over and I offered to proof-read it for factual errors (I didn’t know she wrote for NYT), and she politely said – “I have been doing this for a long time, and I think I am quite good at being factually correct”. Point noted.

[And if you haven’t checked out xkcd as yet, you should NOW!]


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9 Responses to Little things that make Geeks happy

  1. ish says:

    Funnily enough, even I made a post about CoolHotmail some days back. And even more funnily, the ID that I made was also on It’s

  2. @ish: Yes. I think clickass clicks ass :P

  3. Kapil says:

    Hey KK,
    Hw on earth cud u compare Aish with iPhone….. [:P]

  4. Nova says:

    Lol!!! Hilarious!!!! My fav:

  5. puresunshine says:

    Good stuff. Offering an NYT journo help to porrf-read??? Asking any journo that is NOT polite! lolz!

  6. @kapil: iPhone would win anyday, right?

    @puresunshine: You almost make me want to ‘porrf’ read your comment, but I will not be impolite :P

  7. puresunshine says:


  8. @puresunshine: See, we all need proof reading :P

  9. arpan says:

    u forgot and slashdot …these things keep geeks alive..but i think we all know that…..large lcd screeens … and ubuntu 7.10

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