Always with You

I was amazed by this site. This site recites the stories of people from derived deprived (Thanks PS!) parts of the country (villages, poorer sections of the cities) and how they are changing under the influence of technology, and with help from philanthropy in some cases. I was completely amazed by the first story, that of Sarita, who has been able to get advanced education thanks to Abraham George. Her English was as fluent as top notch convent schools in the country!

In the words of the creators:

Always With You is a collaboration between Interactive Filmmaking and Microsoft Research India. It is an exploration of the impact of rapid growth in economy and technology in India, through the voices of those whose voices frequently go unheard.

Do have a look.


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3 Responses to Always with You

  1. Poonam says:

    Ok, I will look at it. It is such a heavily animated web site, takes time to download. But looks like a good one. Thanks for sharing! :)

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  3. the firefly says:

    was going through your blog when i came across the website. thanks for sharing the link..’twas such a pleasure to see that my firm belief “development in the true sense, shud involve us all”..isnt completely an utopian concept after all :)

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