Pacific Rubbish Dump is twice the Size of America

Even though Armageddon lovers will have a field day with this, if this is true, it will one of the biggest shocks of the year. I myself could not believe it, but it is alarming to know what we do with our plastic waste. In our bid for improve the bottomlines of our largest corporations, we might just alter the bottomline of the world’s oceans for eternity.

Daily Mail UK reports that a rubbish dump has been found floating from America to Japan. It was found way back in 1997! It says:

He warned that the rubbish could double in size over the next decade if consumers do not cut back on their use of plastics. More than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die every year as a result of plastic rubbish.

Syringes, cigarette lighters and toothbrushes have all been found inside the stomachs of dead seabirds.

The rubbish can also be dangerous for humans, because tiny plastic pellets in the sea can attract man-made chemicals which then enter the food chain.

Just today, I was watching on Animal Plant how the red fox life cycle works and I could not help wonder that the kids are ready for hunting rodents just as the harvest is being cut, so that the rodents are out in the open. I wondered how Nature has worked out such a perfect system, and now, we are jeopardizing the same system. As one commenter (Mike Randall from Worchester, UK) says:

This planet is being destroyed by the the ‘most intelligent being on it’. I think we need to re-define intelligence.

It also reminds me so much of the way Neal Stephenson portrays humanity evolving in his book Snow Crash. The world is full of small “franchise-states” and human beings are reduced to living life on a Las Vegas-esque life on a MetaVerse (we are already seeing it happen with Second Life). The one person who controls the world’s optical fibre cables is trying to spread a pre-historic virus by shipping people over the sea in interconnecting trawlers spreading almost from California to the northern border, almost like a huge plastic dump.


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4 Responses to Pacific Rubbish Dump is twice the Size of America

  1. puresunshine says:

    Twice the size of America!! Gosh this is pretty alarming! Imagine dead birds with plastic waste. Something needs to be done to avoid this. But even plastic is not completely banned. Even toothbrushes etc should be made with recycled stuff.

    On another note, could u manage to watch some whales show on ANimal Planet?

  2. @puresunshine: Actually, I had a better idea looking at the underpass being built near our office. We should get these underpasses and flyovers (perhaps even buildings) built with plastic waste (some research is probably required). That way, we won’t have to dump plastic waste in the sea or within the ground.

    I am on the lookout for whales on Animal Planet. As soon as I find one, I will check for sushi recipes ;-)

  3. Xylene says:

    Oh !
    Most probably we would have one more continent made of just plastic waste ( somthing similar to what Lex Luthor (Superman Returns )wanted, well that a different story)

    This is bad !

  4. joatjo says:

    Wow thats really strangem thinkingof how big America is and twice that size, how dense is this rubbish dump anyway, it it just a layer ot is it like a mountain?

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