Our first media coverage!

Well begun is half done

Somebody had once told me — and nothing could make us feel happier than getting our media coverage during our first event itself! Check out the coverage on our team blog!


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7 Responses to Our first media coverage!

  1. Puresunshine says:

    Sounds like a winner! :)

  2. @yusuf: Thanks!

    @puresunshine: We’ll find out after the race!

  3. Priyank says:

    Congrats KK. Great Going.


  4. @priyank: Thanks babu ji

  5. Amyth says:

    Rocks! [:D]…


  6. Amyth says:

    Oops…. LEAGUE spelling… [:P]… Gives me an opportunity to spam your blog..! [;)]..

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