The new Microsoft “I’m A PC!”

Microsoft just released their retort to Apple’s “I’m a PC and I’m a Mac” ad — and one must say that the ads are absolutely cool!

Microsoft has chosen to use the opening line from Apple’s ad — and turn it into their strength. The ad first shows a (real) Microsoft employee, Sean Siler, saying “I’m a PC” and then goes on to parade a lot of cool people — many of whom are celebrities (one can spot Deepak Chopra, Bill Gates, Eva Langoria, Tony Parker) saying how they use a PC too and they live the new Microsoft Maxim Life without Walls.

These follow the disappointing Bill Gates – Jerry Seinfeld that nobody got — Microsoft has chosen to call them the ice-breaker to start conversation about the PC.

See the ads here:

What a reply! This is adverti-zing !


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2 Responses to The new Microsoft “I’m A PC!”

  1. Saurabh Sunil says:

    Nice Ad! But what we missed is the seemingly tacit understanding between mac and pc to position themselves against each other. This way at least they remain the talking point in the media (which has, of late, been dominated by Google)

    ~No publicity is bad publicity!

  2. @saurabh: Well, I think Microsoft purposely ignored Apple — they believe the conversation should be about Windows and not Mac — I think that’s a good idea since otherwise the ads become too negative.

    BTW, GOOG is getting bad publicity lately :)

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