Happy Durga Puja!

It’s the time of the year again when we are anxiously waiting for the longest vacation in the year — the time of Durga Puja in Calcutta. And the festival brings not just a phew! for the vacations, but also unbridled joy, masti abound, relatives and friends, and adda as not seen for the rest of the year. Here’s wishing everybody a very happy Durga Puja!

The only pain point in Durga Puja is the traffic. Vehicles slow down to a crawl, and stand boot to bonnet on the streets. And while you can’t wait to reach the next pandal, you are not blessed with a BatMobile, and hence practicalities of life can dampen the spirit sometimes. It’s for this reason that we have tied up with Kolkata Police to provide live traffic updates through an SMS. You can sms “PUJA” to 9874400500 to get the list of commands. We also provide location of the top 80 pandals in Kolkata, the vehicular entry points, and the closest parking (as stipulated by traffic police). You can also look up this information online at www.capillary.co.in.

Read more details at our team blog.

Cheers — here’s to a traffic free puja!

PS: A handout for your reference:

Live Traffic Updates this Durga Puja!

Live Traffic Updates this Durga Puja!


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