Associating Template files with HTML editing engines in Eclipse

We have been using template files (*.tpl) for one of our projects, and editing in plain text is always painful. So, here’s a mechanism to use the default Web Editor in Eclipse to edit the files:

  • Add filetype association: open Window > Preferences > General > Content Types > Look for ‘HTML’ and add ‘*.tpl’ (without quotes) to associate tpl files with html content type
  • Add editor preference: open Window > Preferences > General > Editors > File Associations, and associate the ‘*.tpl’ type with the ‘Web Page Editor’.

This should also work with any other templating type that uses html as the base markup.

And then, code away to glory!


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  1. Reynaldo says:

    Thanks! I really need it. ;)

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  3. Thanks, great information….

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