Snowflakes Templates – Blogs are the new media

Just came across this interesting post about Snowflake templates where you put a word with just about anything, and make a punchline. For instance, “X is the new Y”, or “In Soviet-Russia, X Y’s you”, and in Israel during the election campaign, a leader came up with “Not X. Y”. Some examples are:

  1. Dhoni is the new Tendulkar
  2. Laptops are the new supercomputers
  3. In Soviet Russia, water drinks you
  4. In Bollywood, dreams make you
  5. Not a blog. An elegy.
  6. Not a snowflake. A phenomenon.
  7. Rahul is the new Rajiv!

What snowflake patterns have you seen? Any common in India?

Hop onto the original post as well.


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4 Responses to Snowflakes Templates – Blogs are the new media

  1. Nice post about a nice and funny thing..!!!

  2. puresunshine says:

    grey is the new black
    money is the weight
    how interesting it wud be if we cud say
    monday, tues, wed thr, fri sat –the new sunday!

  3. Chaitali says:

    Blog is the new media, rather the new reliable media.

    Most of the newspapers and news channels have more of paid news. I think blogs are geniune and true news comes through this media.

  4. Dorothy says:

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