Indian Politics ki “Jai Ho”

Can Indian Politicians ever stay away from capitalizing on anything that remotely smells of success? From India Shining (and subsequently whining) to Chak De Congress, Indian Politicians have always been lapping anything popular and successful in order to boost their political fortunes, in the hope that ordinary citizens will vote in elections the same way as they buy soaps (by watching commercials) and unfortunately many do!

This time around, Congress has bought the exclusive electoral publicity rights to the inspiring and lively Jai Ho song from Slumdog Millionaire for a whopping Rs. 1 crore from T-Series, and to prevent their arch rival BJP from using the song to their advantage. It’s a bitter rivalry brewing out there – Congress firmly believing that people will get duped into believing 5 years of hodge-podge rule has had a similar effect on India – a slumdog turning into a millionaire, and sing Jai Ho on railway platforms after Congress’ deafening victory in the political circus. Of course, the effect on India can not be predicted, but all the slumdog politicians will surely turn into millionaires overnight. Narendra Modi, BJP’s own bête noire, has pitched in with a new gem:

The credit for Slumdog getting Oscar awards should go to India’s ruling Congress party because without years of the Congress rule there would not have been slums in India

Not that the BJP is far behind in the circus. From going back to the Ayodhya Ram Temple chant to woo voters, to advertizements all over the internet for the only “stalwart in Indian Politics” – LK Advani, the BJP has been trying to do an Obama in India. According to “some” (mine) estimates, LK Advani has single-handedly managed to help the Indian online advertizing industry to survive in these tough times, since wherever I go on the net, his pic follows me like a pug.

It’s only going to be an interesting elections to watch – my personal prediction is a hung parliament (which I can bet my money on) and re-elections very soon. Last time around, the hand used the sickle to weed out the lotus, until it really seemed to falter midway, and the cycle had to carry it to the finishing line. This time, however, the elephant is marching to other states, trampling hands and lotuses, flowers, and sickles. It will be an interesting and worrysome experience to watch this elections. (link)

Jai Ho!

[Found a blog with lots of elections09 coverage]


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5 Responses to Indian Politics ki “Jai Ho”

  1. Rajeev says:

    Well..The only thing worrying me is projected prominence of regional parties like Left parties, BSP, SP, DMK,AIADMK, NCP, etc..Bharat right now needs more federalism than ever to get back a strong sense of being one nation, far more important than any one state alone.. To that end, we have 2 options – Congress n BJP. With the Hand seems to be setting up a Dynastic Democracy, which produces more slumdogs rather than millionaires in Bharat, the lesser of all evils seems to be the Lotus..

  2. Amyth says:

    Co-incidentally, oth of us seem to be talking about politics.. I just wrote my first post that even remotely touches the topic..

    Interestingly, we have a new perspective on the whole “Online Advani” campaign! – ‘follows me like a pug’ – I liked that bit! :D … Didn’t think of it that way!!


  3. puresunshine says:

    It might be interesting and worrisome but it is also a nice “event” to earn money. Forget the betting, people abroad want to come and watch the elections to experience it. “A British public relations firm is offering to fly out Britons to India for an experience of the world’s largest – and most colourful – electoral exercise.”

    Guess, we could put that in the Incredible India campaign!

  4. Sameera says:

    Support the petition to end dynasty politics by voting for this idea here!

  5. Vyas says:

    Gawd!!…if only the politicians spent so much time and energy in running the country it would be far more better.

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