The Crisis of Credit

A very good visualization and explanation of the Credit crisis. All this while, I was unable to figure out how mortgages were related to CDOs, but this does a fantastic job of explaining. Worth sharing …


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5 Responses to The Crisis of Credit

  1. Poonam says:

    It was a very good visualisation. :)

  2. Amyth says:

    Nice – Just what I wanted! .. Thanks for sharing, Monsieur! :)

  3. HS SANDESH says:

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  4. Pulkit says:

    nice video

    ironic though that when i was watching it, google sprang up an ad “Need a personal loan” :)

  5. @pulkit: Funny thing, When you go to the personal loan site, it would have popped up, “need a CDO?” ad … I think google is behind all this :P

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