Was browsing orkut, when suddenly I remembered one of the wierdest co-incidences that has happened to me. This was 2 years back — we had just finished one of the theater sessions in Bangalore and chilling at a coffee joints, and as it often happens when there are enough people and few topics, the discussion happened to meander towards the topic of birthdays. It was one of those early classes, and I was very enthusiastic, and immediately gave a shout with mine. Suddenly, the girl next to me told hers, and (yes you guessed it right) her birthday was on the same day, same year!

All this while, the guy on the other side, had been cut-off from the conversation since we had been talking about relatively boring things, or perhaps busy talking to his girlfriend. Suddenly, he decided to pop in, and this was really wierd, the most unbelievable thing to have happened to me — he was born on the same day, albeit in a different year! Three people sitting in a row sharing the same birthday. How many times has it happened to you?

What is the wierdest such thing that has happened to you?

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